HeartSongs – The Astrology of Relationship

Chiron & Chariklo

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any  reaction, both are transformed.” -C.G. Jung

As we lovingly move toward our yearly celebration of love – Valentine’s Day – I want to share an astrological view of love tied to asteroids in our natal chart maps.

Loving Moon
We live every day influenced by our MOON so we always look at her energies first. Goddess moon brings us the essence of a personal understanding of how we love. She describes and affects:
• Your instinctive responses
• Your deepest longings and needs
• Your secret wishes and desires
• Your innermost loves and hates
• Your emotional highs and lows
• Your jealousies and joys
• How other people perceive you
• How you react to people in the first meeting
• How you interact emotionally with the people you love
• The relationship with your mother and other important females in your life
• The emotional ups and downs you experience in intimate relationships
• Your nurturing instincts
• Your early conditioning tied to love
• How your spiritual love grows through your life

Loving Signs
Keywords tied to MOON’s loving influence by sign: Aries-adventure, Taurus-stability, Gemini-versatility, Cancer-empathy, Leo-power, Virgo-service, Libra-harmony, Scorpio-passion, Sagittarius-optimism, Capricorn-practicality, Aquarius-idealism, Pisces-compassion

“Success in relationship is much more than finding the right person; it is a matter of being the right person.” -B.R. Brickner

Loving Planets
The planets in our charts also have a loving energy and express themselves through: Sun-individuated love, Moon-feeling of love, Mercury-communication of love, Venus-appreciation of love, Mars-desire for love, Jupiter-expansion/experience of love, Saturn-stabilizing/restricting love, Chiron-healing love, Uranus-change/integration of love, Neptune-illusion/understanding of love, Pluto-transformation/depth of love

Loving Asteroids

EROS (passion)
Greek God of love and sexual desire is responsible for the embraces of Uranus (heaven and sky) and Gaia (mother earth). Eros full of heat and vitality is pictured as a young boy with arrows (cupid) and brings us the “pleasure principle” along with passion and attachment which maintains the passion. Eros brings a principle of regeneration into the relating energy. Be careful of over-indulgence.

SAPPHO (sex)
Sappho is a poet in mythology with an interest in sex and a belief in the importance of its expression along with music/storytelling/art. Sappho is involved in the fine arts and linked to the chakras (kundalini energy). Sappho is also tied to passion in “work.” Partners work together on ideals and experience versatility in how they relate.

JUNO (marriage)
Juno is connected to traditional marriage, commitment in a relationship, and signifies the person who does NOT hold the power. There is a strong focus on the partner with a need to protect each others’ vulnerabilities. Equality is an on-going challenge and there is a desire for a guideline or structure to the loving. Partners seek to feel safe.

PSYCHE (physical expression)
The desire energy is strong and a more spiritual energy flows through Psyche. Once connected in a relationship there is on-going insights and growth. Personal feelings are strongly felt and expressed physically. Commitment is very important in Psyche’s loving energies.

AMOR (intimacy)
Love, pure and simple! Amor is connected with innocence and love energy is connected not so much sexual but as a feeling of “always knowing the person.” Amor connects to family members, friends, and loyalty. A key Amor relating energy is imagination and subtle innuendos. Partners need to clarify and honor boundaries so that the excitement and mysteries abound. Amor brings soft and gentle intimacy.

PALLAS (Caring)
Pallas brings extreme caring, transformative and regenerative love to the mix. Pallas loving can move through numerous cycles. Honor and respect are paramount. Both partners meet and contribute to the relationship without controlling the other.

Loving Resources
If you want to find these asteroids in your own chart here are a couple of websites that will share your asteroid placements lovingly:

Astrodienist:  www.astro.com

Asteroid Ephemeris – http://www.true-node.com/eph1/
Have fun!

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Planetary Cosmic Event Guide Year 2018


Welcome to 2018!

APDM (All Planets Direct Motion) from January 2, 2018 (Uranus SD at 24 Aries to March 8, 2018 (Jupiter SR 23 Scorpio). Uranus at station starts our year with the unusual, the unexpected, things happening as a forerunner of the future. All major planets move forward after Uranus directs – our entire solar system moving together, in the same direction, like a flowing cosmic river.  Everything makes a move!

Year 2018 THEME – first aspect after New Year: Black Moon Lilith and then Venus conjunct Sun.  Potential for love, cooperation is the key, truth is the only way to move forward, feminine power emerges into the light. This theme brings a balancing of nature.

New Year SUN at 10 Capricorn 46 brings Sabian Symbol “A large group of pheasants.” This symbol speaks to a colorful expression, exaggerated differences of social position, coming face to face with the great pretender.   Watch what lies behind the colorful images.

A stellium of CAPRICORN to start the year brings the “utilizing” principle, practical energy, and the capacity for hard work into our lives. Capricorn cautions us to recognize that a pessimistic nature is our enemy.

Five Eclipses this Year: Lunar Eclipse January 31, Solar Eclipse February 15, Solar Eclipse July 12, Lunar Eclipse July 27, and Solar Eclipse, August 18. Our February Eclipse brings us back to the “Once-in-a-Lifetime” August, 2017 eclipse.  It is the “mirror” image as Sun and Moon degree is at 27 Aquarius–the opposite of the August eclipse in Leo.  We all changed last summer, in February, 2018 we find out how and what to now do about it.

Moon Wobble: Four periods of the year that activate dramatic releases of energy, heightened sensitivity, messages from within, and vivid experiences are all energized by Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. We experience I have, I create, I desire, and I know through deep interpersonal “connections” in February, April, July, and October.

Planets “Out of Bounds” in 2018: Mercury January 17-January 20, June 6-June 24, and November 2-November 20.  Venus May 6-June 7.  Mars March 17-April 7 and July 7-September 24.  Energies of the planets tend to be a little out of control during these periods. Unexpected views and insights of cosmic proportions can also appear during these times.

Outer planet SIGN changes in 2018 include Saturn moving from Sagittarius into his own sign of Capricorn on December 19, 2017. Saturn finds new strength and power through the sign he rules and shows us that he is an expert at building new sustainable structures.  Chiron steps from Pisces to Aries on April 17 opening us to significant healing breakthroughs in 2018. Uranus enters Taurus on May 15 and Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8.

MAJOR ASPECTS through Year 2018 include: Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio in first week of the year pulling us into the depths of new uncompromising truths and deep mysteries we will explore all year. Jupiter and Pluto will connect in productive sextiles (January 15, April 14, and September 12) bringing immense developments of new techniques, skills, and practical applications to our lives. Keywords: transformation, spiritual practice, prosperity.  Pluto and Chiron will make two powerful quintiles this year:  June 26, 2018 – Pluto 20 Capricorn/Chiron 2 Aries and September 5, 2018 – Pluto 18 Capricorn R/Chiron 0 Aries R.  Listen for the silent resonance of God’s world in harmony during these times.  Jupiter trine Chiron on November 1 opening amazing healing to occur this year and Jupiter quincunx Uranus on November 7 releases our genius!

Chinese New Year – YEAR of the Earth DOG carries nourishment, transmutation, loyalty and honesty.

2018 has the magic Master Number 11 energy: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”                Marcel Proust

Have a wonderful year! Love, Nikki

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The Great American Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Artwork

Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017

by Nikki Davenport, Astrological Consultant

“The power of the world always works in circles, and everything tries to be round.  The sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is like a ball, and so are the stars.  The wind, in its greatest power, whirls; birds make their nest in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours.  The sun and moon, both round, come forth and go down again in a circle.  Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were.  The life of a person is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves.”                                                                     Lakota Chief Black Elk

On Monday, August 21, 2017, we will be gifted by our cosmic planetary system with the magic of a Total Solar Eclipse that will cross the contiguous United States and, for the first time, the shadow track, known as the “path of totality,” will sweep over the United States and no other country.

The path of totality will be 70 miles wide and will plunge us into darkness as it moves from the western edge of Oregon to the eastern tip of South Carolina.  The shadow track also crosses Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and the corner of Georgia.  These are the states where totality (complete darkness) will be visible.

Total Solar Eclipses are a beautiful example of the sacred geometry of nature.  The sun’s 864,000-mile diameter is 400 times larger than our moon, which is 2,160 miles.  The moon also happens to be about 400 times closer to the earth than the sun and as a result, the new moon can appear to completely blot out the disk of the sun during a Total Solar Eclipse.

In St. Louis, the first moon-sun contact will be at 11:50 AM CDT, total eclipse begins 1:18 PM CDT, and last contact will be 2:45 PM CDT.  In St Louis, the northern edge of totality runs close to the Hi-Pointe and Forest Park South neighborhoods.  Totality will last longest in Patch, the southern tip of the Carondelet neighborhood, with duration of 2 minutes, 40 seconds.

At the “brink of totality” the sun narrows to a filament of light and suddenly disintegrates into irregular dots and points of light called “Baily’s Beads,” as the last rays of sunlight stream through.

Be careful not to look directly at the sun during any part of the eclipse as it can be very damaging to our eyes.  Be sure to obtain certified eye protection before eclipse time.

Eclipses have appeared in mythology in all different cultures, usually causing fear.  The word eclipse is a Greek word meaning “abandonment.”  An eclipse, in ancient times, was seen as the sun “abandoning” the earth.  An eclipse symbol is the dragon eating the sun as the light dims.  The Incas tried to intimidate the creatures who were eating the Sun.  The ancient Chinese made lots of noise to scare the dragon.  The people in India got into water to help the sun fight off the menacing dragon form.

In other legends, the Vietnam culture sees the frog that swallows the sun, the Vikings recount a pair of sky wolves in pursuit of the sun and moon, Venus is seen as a snake with the sun in her mouth by the Maya, and the Native American Navajo tribe knew that the eclipse was a normal time to reflect on the universe.

Eclipses, from an astrological viewpoint in our current times, are thought to be the harbinger of great change.  The Solar Eclipse at New Moon is “external,” affecting our circumstances and often unexpected events happen out in the world and in our private experiences days before and after eclipse time.

  • Eclipses can “shake up our thinking” and bring a feeling of fated events. They can bring a change of direction.  We feel disoriented or “out of sorts” during eclipse periods.
  • Eclipses can shine a light of truth in our lives and at the same time create mystery and hidden secrets.
  • We may feel more emotional than usual.
  • We have the chance to be more enlightened than usual.
  • When we take action at an eclipse, the end result is usually not exactly what we expected.
  • This solar eclipse, so strongly aligned with the United States, so close to where we live, correlates with the possibility of major changes of all kinds in our connection to our government, leaders, individual communities, and our personal lives.

The astrology of the sun and moon zodiacal position at 28 degrees LEO brings to the eclipse energy an archetype of the majestic lion, leadership, kingly presence, performers, shining ones, and the glamor and opulence of nobility.  As the sun and moon meet there is the flavor of star-power, charisma, heart driven will-power, and creativity.

A look at the spiritual energies around this rare eclipse through the LEO prism include an opening universal light, special and unique understandings in the scheme of the New Moon beginnings, and in-depth perception with intellectual and emotional clarity.  In Leo, we discover the power of the will, a dynamic force of spirit and the knowing that love is the ability to bring bliss to another.

The Leo eclipse is also associated with Anahata, the Heart Chakra which rules love, breath, balance, relationships, and unity.  It governs romance, friendship, and heart connections.  The heart chakra’s force is equilibrium, and calmness.  Anahata’s spiritual energy is compassion. The eclipse gateway will open the Divine Child in each of us.

Finally, as we remember, the sun and moon meet every month at New Moon to refresh our perspective and renew our energies.  In August the meeting will be intensely powerful. The sun brings growth, self-expression, positive energy, and celestial power to help us shine.  The moon awakens our emotions, intuition, and our connection to the natural world to help us look within.

On August 21, 2017 the American Total Solar Eclipse will have us looking up, our physical worlds will be unpredictably askew, our spiritual energies will be awakening in the magic darkness, and our lives will change!

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Planning and Planting an Asteroid Garden for International Astrology Day

International Astrology Day

International Astrology Day (March 20, 2017) is an annual observance/holiday celebrated by astrologers and astrology enthusiasts like us! It is the beginning of the astrological year as it falls on the first full day of the astrological sign of Aries which marks the beginning of the tropical Zodiac and the SPRING EQUINOX.

I wanted to share something a little different for this year’s Astrology Day.  I’ve been working on a project:  “Planning and Planting an Asteroid Garden” and decided to start it today.  I am using the theme: Astrologer’s Asteroids for my first planting in my garden and am having great fun.  Would you like to join me?

The following asteroids align, inform, serve as a helping tool, and a divinatory directory in our charts tied to our service as astrologers:

Asteroid Number 30: URANIAMuse of Astronomy and Astrology

  • Able to tell the future by the arrangement of the stars
  • Associated with universal love and a desire for precision
  • Dressed in a cloak embroidered with stars
  • Those who are most concerned with philosophy and the heavens are dearest to her

Asteroid Number 313: CHALDAEA – Mysteries from Ancient Astrologers

  • Ancient Babylonian astrology wisdom
  • Holder of ancient astrological knowledge (past life experience)
  • Oldest astrological documents found on Sumerian tablets
  • “If the Lion is black: the land will not be happy.” From Mesopotamiza: Enuma Anu Enlil

Asteroid Number 658: ASTERIA – Goddess of Stars, Night, Time, and Oracles

  • Nocturnal oracles, falling stars, magical prophecy
  • Starry One – brings intuitive experience of astrology
  • Interpretation of dreams and necromancy
  • Reading of the stars

Asteroid Number 1154: ASTRONOMIA – Universal science of Celestial Objects and Motion

  • Sacred Earth knowledge and connection to cosmic energy
  • Utilize the power of creative visualization (kriyashakti)
  • Brings clear, sharp focus of mental activity
  • Scientific research

Asteroid Number 1252: CELESTIA – The Heavenly One and Holder of Cosmic Patterns

  • Brings Heaven (pure place) to Earth through sacred geometrical patterns
  • Spiritual growth through cosmic wisdom and transformation
  • Living with equality and nobility
  • Elisian Fields of Greece – spiritual plane for growth

Asteroid Number 2415: GANESA – The Vedic (Jyotish) God of Astrology

  • Remover of Obstacles, God of Happiness, God of Children
  • Guidance and inspiration when working on science of light (astrology)
  • High intelligence, unswerving devotion
  • Represents the benefic planet of Jupiter

Asteroid Number 5863: TARA – The Star Goddess of Highest Wisdom

  • Hindu goddess of unquenchable fire, calling new life into being
  • Ushers in the Seasons
  • Manifestation of the Queen of Time
  • Peaceful, compassionate Mother

Asteroid Number 8958: STARGAZER – The Joy and Wonder of Gazing at the Sky

  • Carries the importance of desire to know about the cosmos
  • Spending time with Earth Astrology looking up at the stars
  • Enthusiastic sharing of wisdom
  • Importance of the beginner: studying all aspects of cosmic science

Asteroid Number 17503: CELESTECHILD – Relating to the Heavenly Messages

  • A natural intuition tied to understanding Earth and Heavens
  • Bringing a new perspective to ancient star wisdom
  • Inner knowing in use of synchronicity
  • Follow your own alignment felt from lifetimes of experience

Asteroid Number 24626: ASTROWIZARD – Loving Astrology with a Purple Passion

  • This one is a fairly newly named asteroid and brings enthusiasm to astrology
  • Utilizing modern techniques and respecting ancient sources
  • Opening doors to magic
  • Intelligenesis – reconstructing hidden secrets and agendas

Asteroid Number 32770: STARCHIK – Born to be a Star

  • Another newbie of the Asteroid Belt block
  • Stand up and be vocal, counted, and an active part of your astrology tribe
  • Let the knowledge flow through modern thought
  • Have fun


Here are two resources for finding the placement of your Astrological Asteroids so you can plant them in the garden of your chart and align your being with the “Science of Light.”

Astrodienst has the option to put asteroids into the natal chart:


Another site where you can type in the asteroid name or number for any date:


Have a wonderful International Astrology Day!

Love, Nikki


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2017 First Full Moon – A Story of Courage


Welcome to NEW YEAR 2017!  We are starting with a powerful FULL MOON – January 12, 2017 at Moon- 22 Cancer and Sun – 22 Capricorn (5:34 AM CST).

This lunar experience is going to be very full of emotions, tugs at our hearts,  gives us a chance to tap into our personal wildness, and carries future ramifications we can feel but not, as of yet, see!  Also, with the sign Cancer involved – get in contact with your mother!

This Full Moon comes with a story about courage.  The story unfolds through the Sabian Symbols (a set of 360 symbolically descriptive images) that align with an intense sacred geometry in the Full Moon chart called a “Grand Cross.”  This pattern includes five planetary bodies forming a completed geometric square in the chart.  Four of the planets fall at the 23rd  degree of the sign that they reside in and one of the planets falls at the 21st degree.  Each degree in the zodiac carries a message through the Sabian Symbols that help us to understand the Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon story.

Moon – 22 Cancer 27 (rounds up to 23 Cancer) Sabian Symbol “Meeting of a literary society.”

Sun – 22 Capricorn 27 (rounds up to 23 Capricorn) Sabian Symbol “Two awards for bravery in war.”

Jupiter – 22 Libra 11 (rounds up to 23 Libra) Sabian Symbol “Chanticleer”

Uranus – 20 Aries 38 (rounds up to 21 Aries) Sabian Symbol “A pugilist entering the ring.”

Eris – 22 Aries 32 (rounds up to 23 Aries) Sabian Symbol “A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load.”

The cosmic geometry of the square brings us the setting for our story.  We are at a crossroads – nothing is going to be the same again.  We stand and look at new vistas moving in different directions and we have to choose a new adventure, a new way to make it all work.  A new challenge awaits us in 2017.

The Moon is how we feel!  The Moon in Cancer is how we love, nurture, protect, and help our tribe.  The symbol of a literary society beacons us to communicate, to talk about it, to find new ways to understand and raise our consciousness.  We meet to critically look at our current year, our current world, and how we fit.  We need to be objective, discuss our personal experiences, examine our personal attitudes, and know that it is the year of important personal growth.

Sun is where we learn.  The Sun is our light, how we shine, and how we continue to grow into who we know we can be.  The symbol of bravery speaks to us of good conduct, resourcefulness, and the ability to get tangible results from our courageous actions as we move forward.  This is the time to express our integrity and activate our willingness to defend our principles.  The emphasis this year is on heroism!

There is “fervor” in the air.  Jupiter is where we expand and open to our faith, our philosophy of inner knowing and truth, and where we stand our ground.  The Chanticleer, the rooster, demands us to look at our self-image and to recognize our own power.  He symbolizes excitement, enthusiasm, ambition, and calls us to our role we will play in the world this year.  We also must guard against exaggerating ourselves.  We are all we can be with humility!

Uranus is our wildness.  Uranus holds us up to one standard – our own – and surrounds us with creativity, individuality, future insight, and wisdom.  The symbol for the pugilist entering the ring ensures us with a quiet voice that we are invincible, can take risks that are needed this year, and can become actively involved in what we know as our next adventure, our purpose.

The mysterious minor planet Eris has been traveling with Uranus all year and she is a powerhouse of truth, determination, digging to the depths of what is right and wrong, and a goddess of courage.  Her symbol also tells a mysterious story as Eris is anything but “pastel” and yet she appears in her pastel colors indicating the need for subtlety, privacy, and hidden strength as she may appear light and gentle but carries a very heavy and important load.  Eris is the truth teller and the truth will come to light for all of us on our journey of courage and unfolding potential in the Year 2017.

Have a great adventure this year!

Love, Nikki

( “Sabian Symbols” come from Dr. Marc Edmond Jones, astrologer and writer of The Sabian Symbols in Astrology )









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Magical Neptune Journey


Today we stand at the brink of a deeply mystical journey of inner exploration with the outer planet NEPTUNE on the Moon’s South Nodal Axis at 9 Pisces.  Neptune is at a complete standstill right now preparing to move into direct motion later today, leaving us without excuses.  It is time to go within, gather our symbols of inspiration, step into our deepest imaginings, and reawaken our spiritual quest!

Neptune brings us an understanding about our mystical knowing, our visionary sight, and our need to dissolve limiting boundaries that we have built around ourselves.  Neptune corresponds to our “cosmic antennae,” understanding of our inner spiritual realm, and a high level of receptivity in our beings.  We discover a higher power, strong visionary abilities, intuition, and a treasure chest of emotional images and imagination.

Neptune connects with the Moon’s South Node to gift us with deep insights between the past and the future, our inner feelings and our outer actions, and our transcendent quest to “search for God.” The nodal axis is our destiny at work, our future potential using what we have brought from our past, the “why” of our individual lives.  We can realize our destiny as well as review where we’ve been.  For the next few weeks we can indulge in “karmic meetings” helping us to learn more about ourselves.

Neptune calls us to make contact with our greater whole of perception.

In astrological symbolism the Sabian Symbol for the degree that Neptune meets the Moon’s South Node and stations to direct motion carries the message:

“An aviator in the clouds.”

Keyword: Observation

This symbol brings us the idea of a global perspective, a chance for creative and abstract thinking, a “scope of vision,” and being able to open to a new perspective.

Neptune is also the quintessential MAYA (illusion) – defined as extraordinary power and wisdom as well as a “magic show,” an illusion – things that are not what they seem.  Neptune brings us the true character of spiritual reality!

Here is a short MAYA check –up for you:

  1. How can I cope with confusion today?
  2. How may I make space in my life today so that I may clear out the debris of the past and experience inner quiet?
  3. How may I be more creative, actively using my imagination and inspiration?
  4. How may my dreams and fantasies help me to experience more fulfillment?
  5. How may I become more open to my feelings and express compassion?


Love,  Nikki

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An Oracle of Current Cosmic Time Energy Bursts!

San Marco Clock

We have been, and will continue to move through a lot of cosmic energy bursting in all different directions.  I’d like to share some insight into current and upcoming opportunities to align with the busy cosmic timing.

MARS Out of Bounds: 8-8-16 through 10-29-16

Astrological Degrees include Mars at 2 Sagittarius to 22 Capricorn

The planet Mars, our energy moving forward and our will-power to accomplish our goals, is currently Out of Bounds (tied to his Declination/Latitude) urging us to stretch our limits, open the door to extremes, plant new creative passion, and stand up with our powerful energy to do our individual best. We are at the height of total focus, dedication, and fearlessness!

MOON Wobble Period: 8-21-16 through 9-18-16

Astrological Degrees include Sun at 12 Virgo conjunct Moon’s North Node

The Moon Wobble is a period that occurs four times a year connected to the Sun aspects with the Moon’s Nodes.  The peak point of this wobble period is on 9-4-16 when Sun conjuncts North Node at 12 Virgo.  The wobble activates:

  • time and space feels unstable
  • dramatic releases of energy
  • extreme emotional feelings and reactions
  • heightened sensitivity to experiences
  • opening windows between worlds
  • a sense of alignment to a broader purpose
  • vivid and long lasting experiences and impressions

MERCURY turns Retrograde:  8-30-16 through 9-22-16

Astrological Degrees include Mercury’s motion from 14 Virgo to 29 Virgo

Mercury retrograde occurs when it appears to be moving backwards (from our Earth perspective) and thus communication, scheduling, transportation, and judgement becomes cloudy or error prone.  We can benefit from turning to introspection, inner work, a time of centering, and deep spiritual understanding to find our inner peace.  It will be time for a breather – slow down, get a new perspective, and look at any challenges from a different view.  We can see as if we are on the outside giving us an ability to be more objective.  We are able to come up with all sorts of new possibilities!

SOLAR AND LUNAR ECLIPSES:  Solar on 9-1-16 and Lunar on 9-16-16

Astrological Degrees include Solar Eclipse 9 Virgo, Lunar Eclipse 24 Pisces/Virgo

During the Solar Eclipse at the NEW MOON and the Lunar Eclipse at the FULL MOON, the Earth shield opens temporarily and intense transformative energies are received.  The Earth’s window is open to “cosmic dusting.” At the SOLAR Eclipse we meet our universal destiny, open to our special gifts to share, and tie into our responsibility to the whole.  At the LUNAR Eclipse we learn enlightening lessons, develop new personal growth, and tie into our personal responsibilities.

Solar Eclipse on 9-1 awakens us to new directions, seeds ideas, and teaches us how to heal (Virgo).

Lunar Eclipse on 9-16 brings us fulfillment through others, a vision, and alerts us to the believer (Pisces) and the craftsperson (Virgo) within.

Eclipses shake us out of complacency and dramatically get our attention to areas in our life that need to change.  They work rapidly and take us to a higher plane of understanding!

JUPITER moves into Libra:  9-9-16

Astrological Degrees include Jupiter at 0 Libra

The only outer planet sign change in 2016 is Jupiter moving from Virgo to Libra.  Jupiter in Virgo brings great “craftsmanship” and sacred “service” energies and as it moves into Libra all the Virgo hard work opens into sharing in relationships.  We move into a high spiritual level of “connection.”  Time to HELP EACH OTHER!

The MAGIC of Number Nine: 9-9-16

Astrological Degrees include all of Sagittarius, ruler of the Number Nine

Year 2016 vibrates through the Number NINE (2+0+1+6 = 9).  Nine is the ENNEAD, the horizon, the finishing post, the highest achievement, the ultimate expression, and lies at the shore before the boundless ocean.  Nine represents the humanist, the weave of the world, the initiates passage, and universal awareness.  On 9-9-16 the full date number (9+9+2+0+1+6) comes up to the magical 9.9.9. Our spiritual lesson is forgiveness and development of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of human connections.  9.9.9 reveals our spiritual teachers, our inner sage, and our always known healing abilities.  We arrive at the gateway, the magic square, the ninefold patterns in nature tied to the process of birth, the end of a cycle, immutable truth and the mythic labyrinth.  We begin a new journey!

SATURN Square NEPTUNE:  9-10-16

Astrological Degrees include Saturn 10 Sagittarius, Neptune 10 Pisces R

Saturn square Neptune (first square was on 6-17-16 and squares again on 9-10-16) is asking us to challenge our reality and our belief systems.  Saturn’s love is to establish boundaries and build a structure while Neptune’s preference is to let it all go, become invisible and undefinable.


Astrological Degrees include Sun at 0 Libra

The Fall Equinox is when the SUN enters Libra.  It is the “passing within” gateway and carries the Element of AIR, the Action of Taste, Touch, Smell and the Energy of REORIENTATION.

Enjoy of these delightful, challenging, life-changing energy bursts!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Love, Nikki





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LION’S GATE – August 8, 2016

Lion's Gate with Pyramid

The annual opening of the 8.8 star gate known as the “Lion’s Gate” is a powerful astronomical, astrological, sacred geometrical, potent portal!

We can connect at this time to the Great Central Sun, the fixed star Sirius, our solar connection, the SUN, and our Mother Earth (connecting with the pyramid complex at Giza and the Earth Grid of the Sphinx) as they line up on August 8, 2016.

In Ancient Egypt, the helical rising of Sirius also marked the time when the Nile rose and flooded the plains of Egypt. The rising waters symbolized the return of abundance and blessings to the land. Sirius has long been a guiding light and connected to the mythology of the teachers that come to assist humanity from the different times. The Sirian Master Teachers (Wisdom Keepers) help us at this time to align our frequencies with the rising planetary and humanitarian energies.

This portal opened on July 25, 2016 at the helical rising of Sirius and continues through August 12, 2016 with the exact alignment on Monday, August 8, 2016.

In numerology the EIGHT (August 8 = 8.8)  symbolizes power, courage, abundance, expression of soul qualities, ascending transformation, endings and new beginnings, change, periodic renewal, stability, infinity, weaves the web of matter, resonance, cosmic breath, inner life energy, self-renewal, manifestation, share prosperity with others, and the law of Karma. The 8.8 magic numbers represent infinity and “as above, so below.”

“Our outer experiences only resonate to our inner rattle.” Michael Schneider

The Spirit Keeper of the portal is the spirit animal that guards the integrity of our planet – the LION – representing spiritual power. As the royal lion stands guard at the portal new codes and new information flow into our system. The Lion’s Gate allows intense light waves from the Great Central Sun to stream through our SUN and anchor new solar codes for higher aspects of Love on Mother Earth.

A new balance between our heart’s intelligence and our thinking mind creates a connection that can bring us to a new reality aligned with our SOUL. Peace prevails during this portal period and it is a time to focus on our Third Eye chakra and allow the energy frequencies to connect deeply with the Earth through our lower chakras. We can create a new foundation for our lives!

Celestial bodies in our solar system show harmonic resonance with the Sirius system. Astro-cosmically we are experiencing during the Lion’s Gate portal five planets that we can view in the night sky:  Mercury, Venus, Jupiter stand together this month and Mars and Saturn meet with the fixed star Antares – all visible to our shaman eyes in our sky!

The shamanic  INCOMING ENERGIES infuse the

  • Song Lines
  • Crystalline Grids
  • Energy Lines
  • Waters of Mother Earth

And our personal astrological charts – look to the 8.8 alignment at the zodiacal position of 15 LEO in your personal chart. Every sacred natal position, every progressing (moving forward in your life) position, every planetary, asteroid goddess, centaur and transneptunian object in your chart is vibrating to your individual song.

Find your voice and sing your song to all the universes!

Love, Nikki


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A Tzolkin MAYAN NEW YEAR “Idea Journey”

Tzolkin Calendar

“We have 20 fingers and toes that have invisible threads.  The threads in our fingers connect us to the stars.  The threads in our toes connect us to the Earth.”    (Aluna Joy Yaxk’in)

Today, July 24, is the last day of the Tzolkin Mayan Sacred Calendar year.   Tomorrow is the “Day Out of Time” in the Mayan Calendar – July 25 – a time of deep rest and meditation.

Tzolkin Mayan New Year starts on July 26, 2016 – Year “Blue Spectral Storm.”

The Sacred Calendar is made up of 260 days with unique energies and vibrations.  Each energy is composed of one of 13 Tones and one of 20 Daysigns.  Our New Year Tone #11 has SPECTRAL energy and the Daysign #19 carries the BLUE STORM Solar Seal.

The Tzolkin turns through the year with each daysign and tone changing over a period of 52 years.  The Tzolkin divides the days into 13 months with each month containing 28 days and the “day out of time” at the end of the year.  Mayan Astrology is linked with the Tzolkin Sacred Calendar.  The date of birth establishes a daysign (one out of 20) and a tone (one out of 13) that is called a Galactic Signature.

There are four colors/directions in the calendar that repeat (Red-East, White-North, Blue-West, Yellow-South) and each daysign has a specific color/direction i.e. “Blue Storm.”

There are 13 Lunar Months in the Tzolkin with an animal symbol linked to each month – these symbols are potent.  Look to see which month you were born, but be careful, because as you open the “window” to view the Tzolkin you start seeing – in my case – TURTLES – everywhere!!

13 Tones – 13 Months – 13 Animal Symbols

  1. Magnetic BAT Moon – July 26 to August 22
  2. Lunar SCORPION Moon – August 23 to September 19
  3. Electric DEER Moon – September 20 to October 17
  4. Self-Existing OWL Moon – October 18 to November 14
  5. Overtone PEACOCK Moon – November 15 to December 12
  6. Rhythmic LIZARD Moon – December 13 to January 9
  7. Resonant MONKEY Moon – January 10 to February 6
  8. Galactic HAWK Moon – February 7 to March 6
  9. Solar JAGUAR Moon – March 7 to April 3
  10. Planetary DOG Moon – April 4 to May 1
  11. Spectral SERPENT Moon – May 2 to May 29
  12. Crystal RABBIT Moon – May 30 to June 26
  13. Cosmic TURTLE Moon – June 27 to July 24, 2016

Day Out of Time on July 25 is not associated with a particular Moon.

Our Tzolkin Mayan Calendar “Idea Journey”

One of the wonderful uses of the solar seal daysign energies is their help in attunement to your cosmic creativity.  The list below shows the “idea energy” in each day.  These days repeat and each new cycle brings a new beginning – the birth of a new idea!

On Thursday, July 28, 2016, we will be living the daysign “Red Dragon.”  Start your journey on the beginning of this 20 day cycle and end the journey on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 with daysign “Yellow Sun.”

20 Daysigns – Solar Seals

  1. Red Dragon – Birth of the idea
  2. White Wind – Inspiration communicates idea
  3. Blue Night – Idea becomes a dream to dream into reality
  4. Yellow Seed – Plant idea seed as a thought
  5. Red Serpent – Give life force to idea so it can survive
  6. White World-Bridger – Build a bridge that connects idea from subconscious to spirit
  7. Blue Hand – Transform the idea into knowing
  8. Yellow Star – Beautify the idea by shedding light on it
  9. Red Moon – Reflect the idea to see its form
  10. White Dog – Purify the idea by loving it
  11. Blue Monkey – turn the idea into magic by playing with it
  12. Yellow Human – Develop idea by using free will to influence it
  13. Red Skywalker – Explore the idea and its universe
  14. White Wizard – Use the idea to enchant
  15. Blue Eagle – Vision the idea to bring it into form
  16. Yellow Warrior – Use intelligence to question idea
  17. Red Earth – Use navigation to steer the idea in its direction
  18. White Mirror – Reflect on the idea’s endlessness and creativity
  19. Blue Storm – Use the idea to catalyze a new one
  20. Yellow Sun – Realize the idea and become enlightened

Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.”  (Richard Feynman)

Enjoy your Tzolkin Mayan New Year and your “Idea Journey!”

Love, Nikki


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Black Moon Lilith Rises

Black Moon Lilith for WP

Friends, the magical Black Moon Lilith (Moon’s Apogee) is traveling through SCORPIO, loving every minute of the dark mysteries that Scorpio shares!  I want to share some BM Lilith info and urge you to look at where Scorpio resides in your chart – BM Lilith is rising in that area of your life!


The concept of Lilith brings to us a new perspective.  She speaks through her mythical language and gives us meaningful archetypes encouraging us to go deep in our self-understanding.   Lilith is the feminine power of creative life force. She slips through the liminal spaces in our beings – moving through thresholds between absolute truth and our darkest hidden places.  Lilith’s imagery, her energy, her transformational potential can awaken shadows in our souls.  She brings the divine feminine into the mainstream of our consciousness.  Lilith challenges us to connect with our instinctive passion for life, a passion that can be destructive if denied.


In the beginning Lilith was part of the Great Mother Goddess, later taken over by the triumph of patriarchal archetypes. In Lilith’s early Sumerian mythological appearance, she was the handmaid to the Goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven.  She lived in the sacred Huluppu Tree accompanied by the snake and the wild Anzu-bird.  These animals are part of her untamed nature. She was intended, in Hebrew mythology, to be Adam’s first wife, but was so dominant that she moved away from Adam’s authority and left the Garden of Eden.  In ancient Babylon, she was Lilitu, the dark Goddess of the Night.  In her tantric image, she transforms energy to higher octaves.  In biblical references, it is implied that Lilith is tied to the screech owl and the owl is often depicted with her in literature and art.  Lilith is one of the oldest female figures in literature and connects Heaven and Earth in the Tree of Life.  Terracotta reliefs from 1800 B.C. depict her as the Queen of the Night and artists in various mediums have depicted Lilith over the centuries.

Lilith represents a shift in the awareness of the strength of the feminine and pulls both women and men into a deep soul knowledge, stretching our consciousness into new awareness.

Apogee Black Moon Lilith

The geocentric period Black Moon Lilith is about nine years.  Her glyph is a black moon sitting over a cross.  She is widely used in Europe and her mean and true positions can vary greatly – with most astrologers using her mean position. I prefer her TRUE position which is more erratic, but is where she really is.  Her archetype is tied to instinctive and emotional intelligence.  We can gain contact with our inner truths, soul longings and passions.  Since Apogee Lilith is more distant from the Earth – the sun gains prominence, the light gets brighter inside, and illusions become unveiled.  Black Moon Lilith helps us to get more in touch with Earth wisdom, art, creativity, detachment from social norms, emotional sensitivity, our uncompromising will and unconventional relationships.  The Black Moon gestates the physical body into womb of the mother and her archetype represents the deep desire that brings the soul to embody in the material plane.  She is aetheric in essence –  aether is the fifth element after earth, air, fire, and water.  She can open pitfalls – deep challenges in our growth if we stray from our soul’s true path.

Black Moon Lilith describes our relationship to the absolute, to sacrifice, and shows how we let go.  She shows where we question ourselves, where we can let the Whole flow into our lives by being open and trusting.  She can also create a “necessary void.”

Black Moon Lilith KEYWORDS:  sacrifice, surrender, mysticism, karmic imprints, our calling, dreams, soul calling, truth, transformational energy, equality, emotional intelligence, earthly instinct, dark emotions, stuff of life, traditions, memories, responsibilities, kundalini, intuition, psychic ability, imagination, poetry, charisma, shamanism, fermenting, on the point of change, fusion of sexual and spiritual, awakening

In relationship contacts, Black Moon Lilith brings a sense of soul connection, with an inclination toward intensity, uncovering of deep seated desires, and the danger of pain and obsessiveness.  Black Moon  Lilith represents the conscious decision to be alone, the exercise of freewill, and the healing process in relationships.

Rise with her into your own inner mysteries!

Love, Nikki



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