Ganesha Full Moon

Welcome to July, 2015!

We have a wonderfully magic NEW MOON coming up on July 15, 2015.

The NEW MOON is the time of the month where a new tone is released, where we can awaken to a new direction, where “… She births the spirit within us, bringing light and hope to us all…”

Our sight is activated, our direction is EAST, our path is “coming into being” and we walk “toward self-discovery” on the Medicine Wheel.

On July 15, 2015 at 6:24 PM PDT (7:24 PM MDT, 8:24 PM CDT, and 9:24 PM EDT) the SUN and MOON come together at 23 Cancer 14.

Some NEW MOON keywords:
• Emergence
• Clarity
• Rebirth
• Seed ideas
• Beginning
• Instinct
• Vision Felt – Not Seen

Our JULY New Moon has some unusual, very significant links to the COSMOS through the Fixed Stars in our heavens:

SUN and MOON at 23 Cancer (tropical) align to POLLUX in the constellation Gemini, the Twins. The constellation holds the archetype of consciousness of others. We are willing to acknowledge and respect ourselves in relationships and experience devotion, intimacy, and loyalty. POLLUX is a beta fixed star which represents the twin that is able to use humor or provocation, to elicit a response, when it wants to make contact with someone. From The Star Book by Raymond Mardyks & Stacia Pittenger: “We have the ability to merge as one and we have the ability to also exist as an individual. Each carries an aspect of the whole making separation impossible.”

• At the New Moon, planets Mercury and Mars at 14 Cancer (tropical) align to SIRIUS in the constellation Canis Major, the Dog, and to CANOPUS in the constellation Argo Navis, the Ship. Constellation Canis Major holds the archetype of the symbol of the loyal dog and is experienced as the ability to truly honor what you believe to be good. Inner experiences here can include feeling: compelled, mysterious, protective, trustworthy and secretive. Sirius is an alpha star, the brightest one in our night sky, and represents the third eye which gives us insight into the true nature of self! From The Star Book: “I am the guardian of truth.”

• Constellation Argo Navis holds the archetype of the protection of the traveler and helps us, when setting a plan into action, to make the decisions that most determine a positive outcome. CANOPUS, another alpha star, gives is a ship that is a sturdy vessel to carry one through time and space. From The Star Book: “I am that which knows no limitations. To be with me, you must be devoted to all possibilities.”

• Also at New Moon the planet VENUS at 29 Leo (tropical) aligns with REGULUS in the constellation LEO, the Lion. Constellation Leo holds the archetype of a lion crouching, as if ready to jump or pounce symbolizing playfulness and an open heart. We can open to fearlessness and bravery as we take action. Regulus is an alpha star ruling over the heart/heart chakra which opens us to the rhythm of the Lion’s heartbeat and allows us to experience a state of unity and unconditional love. From The Star Book: “My heart is my center and the guide of my being.”

The JULY NEW MOON also carries a powerful sacred geometry message as the inner cardinal planets in Cancer, total nurturing on all fronts, complete a platick grand trine with CHIRON, the wounded healer in Pisces, and SATURN, earthly service, work, and self-definition in Scorpio.

We are cared for this month through the spiritual waters of this sacred completed pattern and through the cosmic service of our supportive heavenly fixed star energies.


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