Urania and a Birthday Promise


Today I have the Asteroid Goddess Urania, Muse of Astrology, highlighted in my chart.  In my natal chart, she sits on my Sun.  Today the SUN comes back to my natal SUN and lines up to shine down directly on my SUN/URANIA conjunction.  She is one of my profound mythological partners in my world of astrological learning and experiences.  I want to share a little bit of her with you!

In Greek mythology, Urania (the word stems from the Greek word for “heavenly” or “of heaven”) is the Muse of Astronomy and Astrology.  She is usually shown in her drawings wearing robes with stars and planets adorning them and having a globe in her left hand.  She claims as her own the well of the “infinite night sky.”  She is known for being able to foretell the future by the arrangement of the stars.  She can see the cosmic patterns and knows how they are reflected in our everyday lives. She is often associated with “universal love.”  She keeps her eyes and attention focused on the heavens.  She gravitates to those who are most concerned with philosophy, with abstract thought, with the never ending wonders of the study of Astrology!

In astronomical terms, she was the 30th asteroid to be discovered in July of 1854.  Her rotational orbit around the Sun is 3.6 years.  She has many sparkling facets to share with us:

  • serious minded, always inspired and inspiring her students
  • love of science and mastery of mathematics
  • explores the reasons behind events
  • music theory is one of her talents
  • those instructed by her are raised aloft to heaven
  • power of imagination and thought
  • abstract and symbolic knowledge
  • ability to extrapolate principles and relevant data from a mass of facts
  • foretell future by arrangement of the stars
  • conceptualize and comprehend
  • find deep meaning in each experience

Because Urania sits on my SUN she is one of my celestial teachers.  She helps me to not only understand the workings of the magical maps we call astrological birth charts and the movement of the planets as cosmic energies, but also how to link our astrological understanding with our inner Shaman – our EARTHLY connections.

I have been working with what I call “Planetary Angels” – the completed patterns that occur in our birth charts – the sacred geometry of cosmic energy and am now aligning the “Angels” with Earth Gem crystal grids.

The Earth Gems work as allies to help us understand, activate, and align our energy fields.  URANIA works beautifully with Amazonite!


Amazonite properties include:

  • Stone of Harmony
  • truth-teller and peacemaker
  • assists one in communicating one’s true thoughts
  • stimulates heart chakra and works through throat chakra
  • helps one to express personal TRUTH
  • symbolism of dreams
  • more conscious meditation
  • trust visions, dreams, and intutions
  • magnifier of intentions
  • powers affirmations to bring them into being
  • magic of the the spoken word
  • change to reflect a more aligned reality
  • assists in gaining more clarity
  • walking “one’s talk”
  • communicate higher truths and higher knowledge

“I speak and live my highest truth, and I call forth its manifestation in the world.”    Naisha Ahsian

Today, my birthday, is a magical NEW MOON.  Urania and the Planetary Angels in my chart are singing cosmic songs today revealing secret promises for wonderful communications and TRUTH still to come!

Have a great Cancer NEW MOON.





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3 Responses to Urania and a Birthday Promise

  1. You two are two pees in a pod! Happy birthday, sweet lady!


  2. Audria Gebhardt says:

    Hi Nikki…Thanks for the information on Urania and Amazonite (what was the stone you and I talked about one time and you mentioned that it could be purchased at the Karmic Korner for less…I enjoy the wonderful energy of Mother Nature’s gifts of stone).  I hope your birthday was happy! Blessings, Audria


  3. Anne Hess says:

    Hi Nikki, sorry if I didn’t spell your name correctly. And I was so nice to meet Urania. 🙂 I need a chart please. It is for Dan Finney. This is his first chart, so I would like to do a Natal chart, then a little progressive. Is that possible? Also how much would that be? I will send u a check. Thank so much. Oh, he was born 10:15 pm, June 12, 1953, here in St. Louis. Many thanks!! Anne Hess

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