Get Into Your Shaman’s Seat for June NEW MOON Journey

New Moon Grand Cross


Get your STAR seat belt securely fastened as we move into the June 4-5 NEW MOON with the Sun and Moon at 14 Gemini accompanied by Venus also at 14 Gemini standing at one corner of a four-way GRAND CROSS on June 4-5, 2016.

We are on a powerful CHANGE JOURNEY, traveling  through new thresholds, unusual realms of understanding, and are called to important transforming moves.  The planetary players stand in a magic Sacred Geometry round with an exact cross joining:

  • Sun, Moon, Venus at 14 Gemini
  • Jupiter at 14 Virgo aligned with the Moon’s North Node close by at 17 Virgo
  • Saturn, in retrograde motion, at 13 Sagittarius working intimately with his cosmic friend, a galactic point out in deep space, the “Great Attractor” at 14 Sagittarius
  • Neptune at 12 Pisces coordinated with the Moon’s South Node at 17 Pisces

This outstandingly exotic cosmic formation is called a Mutable Grand Cross and urges every one of us to stand at our personal crossroads, listen to our deepest longings, and muster the courage to make the best choices.

Let’s look at the unfolding Grand Cross from a magical perspective I call the “Shaman’s Seat.”  Our journey is one of opening the door to our astrological energy through a healing perspective shift.  Tighten that Star seat belt and open your Shaman’s eyes to view what is coming.  It is all up to you!

Sun, Moon, Venus:  Sun, the heart and soul of who we are, meets the Moon, our emotional being, and Venus, our desire nature in Gemini.  We are being pulled through new doorways of intense communication, learning, sharing ideas, opening to new ways to think, and having to make important choices around how we share ourselves.  This NEW MOON is a critical time to set intentions, know what you want, and focus your spirit upon your next steps!

Jupiter and North Node: Jupiter is our soul, our connection to our Guru, our teachers, our angels, and models for us how and where we can expand our spirits. Jupiter in Virgo explores our disciple nature, our search for perfection, our devoted selves.   Jupiter travels with the North Node to show us a new forward path, a future destiny, unseen until today.  Jupiter and the North Node tune us into our future potentialities!

Saturn and Great Attractor:  Saturn is our bridging energy between the personal contracts we carry out this lifetime and the work we are here doing.  Saturn is aided by the Great Attractor pulling us to our right work, our life’s calling, our messages we must share!  As they travel through Sagittarius, Saturn and the Great Attractor demand we “define ourselves here and get the word out!”

Neptune and South Node: Neptune, our great spirit teacher, is walking on his watery Pisces path, opening our spirits, teasing us with confusion, and challenging us to go deep inside to our faith and devotion.  Neptune and South Node help us make contact with a greater whole of perception here!

OUR NEW WORK HAS BEGUN!  The June NEW MOON and unfolding Grand Cross presents us with the challenge, the struggle, the courage, and the hope for a new beginning.

“O Divine Sculptor, chisel Thou my life according to Thy Design!”  Paramahansa Yogananda

Have a great evening, a good night’s sleep, a wonderful New Moon beginning, and a busy, productive, exciting month!  We are in this together!

Love, Nikki

(Image: Barry Mandot Messer)

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