Black Moon Lilith Rises

Black Moon Lilith for WP

Friends, the magical Black Moon Lilith (Moon’s Apogee) is traveling through SCORPIO, loving every minute of the dark mysteries that Scorpio shares!  I want to share some BM Lilith info and urge you to look at where Scorpio resides in your chart – BM Lilith is rising in that area of your life!


The concept of Lilith brings to us a new perspective.  She speaks through her mythical language and gives us meaningful archetypes encouraging us to go deep in our self-understanding.   Lilith is the feminine power of creative life force. She slips through the liminal spaces in our beings – moving through thresholds between absolute truth and our darkest hidden places.  Lilith’s imagery, her energy, her transformational potential can awaken shadows in our souls.  She brings the divine feminine into the mainstream of our consciousness.  Lilith challenges us to connect with our instinctive passion for life, a passion that can be destructive if denied.


In the beginning Lilith was part of the Great Mother Goddess, later taken over by the triumph of patriarchal archetypes. In Lilith’s early Sumerian mythological appearance, she was the handmaid to the Goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven.  She lived in the sacred Huluppu Tree accompanied by the snake and the wild Anzu-bird.  These animals are part of her untamed nature. She was intended, in Hebrew mythology, to be Adam’s first wife, but was so dominant that she moved away from Adam’s authority and left the Garden of Eden.  In ancient Babylon, she was Lilitu, the dark Goddess of the Night.  In her tantric image, she transforms energy to higher octaves.  In biblical references, it is implied that Lilith is tied to the screech owl and the owl is often depicted with her in literature and art.  Lilith is one of the oldest female figures in literature and connects Heaven and Earth in the Tree of Life.  Terracotta reliefs from 1800 B.C. depict her as the Queen of the Night and artists in various mediums have depicted Lilith over the centuries.

Lilith represents a shift in the awareness of the strength of the feminine and pulls both women and men into a deep soul knowledge, stretching our consciousness into new awareness.

Apogee Black Moon Lilith

The geocentric period Black Moon Lilith is about nine years.  Her glyph is a black moon sitting over a cross.  She is widely used in Europe and her mean and true positions can vary greatly – with most astrologers using her mean position. I prefer her TRUE position which is more erratic, but is where she really is.  Her archetype is tied to instinctive and emotional intelligence.  We can gain contact with our inner truths, soul longings and passions.  Since Apogee Lilith is more distant from the Earth – the sun gains prominence, the light gets brighter inside, and illusions become unveiled.  Black Moon Lilith helps us to get more in touch with Earth wisdom, art, creativity, detachment from social norms, emotional sensitivity, our uncompromising will and unconventional relationships.  The Black Moon gestates the physical body into womb of the mother and her archetype represents the deep desire that brings the soul to embody in the material plane.  She is aetheric in essence –  aether is the fifth element after earth, air, fire, and water.  She can open pitfalls – deep challenges in our growth if we stray from our soul’s true path.

Black Moon Lilith describes our relationship to the absolute, to sacrifice, and shows how we let go.  She shows where we question ourselves, where we can let the Whole flow into our lives by being open and trusting.  She can also create a “necessary void.”

Black Moon Lilith KEYWORDS:  sacrifice, surrender, mysticism, karmic imprints, our calling, dreams, soul calling, truth, transformational energy, equality, emotional intelligence, earthly instinct, dark emotions, stuff of life, traditions, memories, responsibilities, kundalini, intuition, psychic ability, imagination, poetry, charisma, shamanism, fermenting, on the point of change, fusion of sexual and spiritual, awakening

In relationship contacts, Black Moon Lilith brings a sense of soul connection, with an inclination toward intensity, uncovering of deep seated desires, and the danger of pain and obsessiveness.  Black Moon  Lilith represents the conscious decision to be alone, the exercise of freewill, and the healing process in relationships.

Rise with her into your own inner mysteries!

Love, Nikki



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