A Tzolkin MAYAN NEW YEAR “Idea Journey”

Tzolkin Calendar

“We have 20 fingers and toes that have invisible threads.  The threads in our fingers connect us to the stars.  The threads in our toes connect us to the Earth.”    (Aluna Joy Yaxk’in)

Today, July 24, is the last day of the Tzolkin Mayan Sacred Calendar year.   Tomorrow is the “Day Out of Time” in the Mayan Calendar – July 25 – a time of deep rest and meditation.

Tzolkin Mayan New Year starts on July 26, 2016 – Year “Blue Spectral Storm.”

The Sacred Calendar is made up of 260 days with unique energies and vibrations.  Each energy is composed of one of 13 Tones and one of 20 Daysigns.  Our New Year Tone #11 has SPECTRAL energy and the Daysign #19 carries the BLUE STORM Solar Seal.

The Tzolkin turns through the year with each daysign and tone changing over a period of 52 years.  The Tzolkin divides the days into 13 months with each month containing 28 days and the “day out of time” at the end of the year.  Mayan Astrology is linked with the Tzolkin Sacred Calendar.  The date of birth establishes a daysign (one out of 20) and a tone (one out of 13) that is called a Galactic Signature.

There are four colors/directions in the calendar that repeat (Red-East, White-North, Blue-West, Yellow-South) and each daysign has a specific color/direction i.e. “Blue Storm.”

There are 13 Lunar Months in the Tzolkin with an animal symbol linked to each month – these symbols are potent.  Look to see which month you were born, but be careful, because as you open the “window” to view the Tzolkin you start seeing – in my case – TURTLES – everywhere!!

13 Tones – 13 Months – 13 Animal Symbols

  1. Magnetic BAT Moon – July 26 to August 22
  2. Lunar SCORPION Moon – August 23 to September 19
  3. Electric DEER Moon – September 20 to October 17
  4. Self-Existing OWL Moon – October 18 to November 14
  5. Overtone PEACOCK Moon – November 15 to December 12
  6. Rhythmic LIZARD Moon – December 13 to January 9
  7. Resonant MONKEY Moon – January 10 to February 6
  8. Galactic HAWK Moon – February 7 to March 6
  9. Solar JAGUAR Moon – March 7 to April 3
  10. Planetary DOG Moon – April 4 to May 1
  11. Spectral SERPENT Moon – May 2 to May 29
  12. Crystal RABBIT Moon – May 30 to June 26
  13. Cosmic TURTLE Moon – June 27 to July 24, 2016

Day Out of Time on July 25 is not associated with a particular Moon.

Our Tzolkin Mayan Calendar “Idea Journey”

One of the wonderful uses of the solar seal daysign energies is their help in attunement to your cosmic creativity.  The list below shows the “idea energy” in each day.  These days repeat and each new cycle brings a new beginning – the birth of a new idea!

On Thursday, July 28, 2016, we will be living the daysign “Red Dragon.”  Start your journey on the beginning of this 20 day cycle and end the journey on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 with daysign “Yellow Sun.”

20 Daysigns – Solar Seals

  1. Red Dragon – Birth of the idea
  2. White Wind – Inspiration communicates idea
  3. Blue Night – Idea becomes a dream to dream into reality
  4. Yellow Seed – Plant idea seed as a thought
  5. Red Serpent – Give life force to idea so it can survive
  6. White World-Bridger – Build a bridge that connects idea from subconscious to spirit
  7. Blue Hand – Transform the idea into knowing
  8. Yellow Star – Beautify the idea by shedding light on it
  9. Red Moon – Reflect the idea to see its form
  10. White Dog – Purify the idea by loving it
  11. Blue Monkey – turn the idea into magic by playing with it
  12. Yellow Human – Develop idea by using free will to influence it
  13. Red Skywalker – Explore the idea and its universe
  14. White Wizard – Use the idea to enchant
  15. Blue Eagle – Vision the idea to bring it into form
  16. Yellow Warrior – Use intelligence to question idea
  17. Red Earth – Use navigation to steer the idea in its direction
  18. White Mirror – Reflect on the idea’s endlessness and creativity
  19. Blue Storm – Use the idea to catalyze a new one
  20. Yellow Sun – Realize the idea and become enlightened

Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.”  (Richard Feynman)

Enjoy your Tzolkin Mayan New Year and your “Idea Journey!”

Love, Nikki


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One Response to A Tzolkin MAYAN NEW YEAR “Idea Journey”

  1. Audria Gebhardt says:

    Thank you Nikki!  I enjoyed receiving this and a review of the Mayan symbolology.  Maybe a future program on Mayan Astrology would be of interest.  Thanks again! Blessings, Audria


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