LION’S GATE – August 8, 2016

Lion's Gate with Pyramid

The annual opening of the 8.8 star gate known as the “Lion’s Gate” is a powerful astronomical, astrological, sacred geometrical, potent portal!

We can connect at this time to the Great Central Sun, the fixed star Sirius, our solar connection, the SUN, and our Mother Earth (connecting with the pyramid complex at Giza and the Earth Grid of the Sphinx) as they line up on August 8, 2016.

In Ancient Egypt, the helical rising of Sirius also marked the time when the Nile rose and flooded the plains of Egypt. The rising waters symbolized the return of abundance and blessings to the land. Sirius has long been a guiding light and connected to the mythology of the teachers that come to assist humanity from the different times. The Sirian Master Teachers (Wisdom Keepers) help us at this time to align our frequencies with the rising planetary and humanitarian energies.

This portal opened on July 25, 2016 at the helical rising of Sirius and continues through August 12, 2016 with the exact alignment on Monday, August 8, 2016.

In numerology the EIGHT (August 8 = 8.8)  symbolizes power, courage, abundance, expression of soul qualities, ascending transformation, endings and new beginnings, change, periodic renewal, stability, infinity, weaves the web of matter, resonance, cosmic breath, inner life energy, self-renewal, manifestation, share prosperity with others, and the law of Karma. The 8.8 magic numbers represent infinity and “as above, so below.”

“Our outer experiences only resonate to our inner rattle.” Michael Schneider

The Spirit Keeper of the portal is the spirit animal that guards the integrity of our planet – the LION – representing spiritual power. As the royal lion stands guard at the portal new codes and new information flow into our system. The Lion’s Gate allows intense light waves from the Great Central Sun to stream through our SUN and anchor new solar codes for higher aspects of Love on Mother Earth.

A new balance between our heart’s intelligence and our thinking mind creates a connection that can bring us to a new reality aligned with our SOUL. Peace prevails during this portal period and it is a time to focus on our Third Eye chakra and allow the energy frequencies to connect deeply with the Earth through our lower chakras. We can create a new foundation for our lives!

Celestial bodies in our solar system show harmonic resonance with the Sirius system. Astro-cosmically we are experiencing during the Lion’s Gate portal five planets that we can view in the night sky:  Mercury, Venus, Jupiter stand together this month and Mars and Saturn meet with the fixed star Antares – all visible to our shaman eyes in our sky!

The shamanic  INCOMING ENERGIES infuse the

  • Song Lines
  • Crystalline Grids
  • Energy Lines
  • Waters of Mother Earth

And our personal astrological charts – look to the 8.8 alignment at the zodiacal position of 15 LEO in your personal chart. Every sacred natal position, every progressing (moving forward in your life) position, every planetary, asteroid goddess, centaur and transneptunian object in your chart is vibrating to your individual song.

Find your voice and sing your song to all the universes!

Love, Nikki


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