An Oracle of Current Cosmic Time Energy Bursts!

San Marco Clock

We have been, and will continue to move through a lot of cosmic energy bursting in all different directions.  I’d like to share some insight into current and upcoming opportunities to align with the busy cosmic timing.

MARS Out of Bounds: 8-8-16 through 10-29-16

Astrological Degrees include Mars at 2 Sagittarius to 22 Capricorn

The planet Mars, our energy moving forward and our will-power to accomplish our goals, is currently Out of Bounds (tied to his Declination/Latitude) urging us to stretch our limits, open the door to extremes, plant new creative passion, and stand up with our powerful energy to do our individual best. We are at the height of total focus, dedication, and fearlessness!

MOON Wobble Period: 8-21-16 through 9-18-16

Astrological Degrees include Sun at 12 Virgo conjunct Moon’s North Node

The Moon Wobble is a period that occurs four times a year connected to the Sun aspects with the Moon’s Nodes.  The peak point of this wobble period is on 9-4-16 when Sun conjuncts North Node at 12 Virgo.  The wobble activates:

  • time and space feels unstable
  • dramatic releases of energy
  • extreme emotional feelings and reactions
  • heightened sensitivity to experiences
  • opening windows between worlds
  • a sense of alignment to a broader purpose
  • vivid and long lasting experiences and impressions

MERCURY turns Retrograde:  8-30-16 through 9-22-16

Astrological Degrees include Mercury’s motion from 14 Virgo to 29 Virgo

Mercury retrograde occurs when it appears to be moving backwards (from our Earth perspective) and thus communication, scheduling, transportation, and judgement becomes cloudy or error prone.  We can benefit from turning to introspection, inner work, a time of centering, and deep spiritual understanding to find our inner peace.  It will be time for a breather – slow down, get a new perspective, and look at any challenges from a different view.  We can see as if we are on the outside giving us an ability to be more objective.  We are able to come up with all sorts of new possibilities!

SOLAR AND LUNAR ECLIPSES:  Solar on 9-1-16 and Lunar on 9-16-16

Astrological Degrees include Solar Eclipse 9 Virgo, Lunar Eclipse 24 Pisces/Virgo

During the Solar Eclipse at the NEW MOON and the Lunar Eclipse at the FULL MOON, the Earth shield opens temporarily and intense transformative energies are received.  The Earth’s window is open to “cosmic dusting.” At the SOLAR Eclipse we meet our universal destiny, open to our special gifts to share, and tie into our responsibility to the whole.  At the LUNAR Eclipse we learn enlightening lessons, develop new personal growth, and tie into our personal responsibilities.

Solar Eclipse on 9-1 awakens us to new directions, seeds ideas, and teaches us how to heal (Virgo).

Lunar Eclipse on 9-16 brings us fulfillment through others, a vision, and alerts us to the believer (Pisces) and the craftsperson (Virgo) within.

Eclipses shake us out of complacency and dramatically get our attention to areas in our life that need to change.  They work rapidly and take us to a higher plane of understanding!

JUPITER moves into Libra:  9-9-16

Astrological Degrees include Jupiter at 0 Libra

The only outer planet sign change in 2016 is Jupiter moving from Virgo to Libra.  Jupiter in Virgo brings great “craftsmanship” and sacred “service” energies and as it moves into Libra all the Virgo hard work opens into sharing in relationships.  We move into a high spiritual level of “connection.”  Time to HELP EACH OTHER!

The MAGIC of Number Nine: 9-9-16

Astrological Degrees include all of Sagittarius, ruler of the Number Nine

Year 2016 vibrates through the Number NINE (2+0+1+6 = 9).  Nine is the ENNEAD, the horizon, the finishing post, the highest achievement, the ultimate expression, and lies at the shore before the boundless ocean.  Nine represents the humanist, the weave of the world, the initiates passage, and universal awareness.  On 9-9-16 the full date number (9+9+2+0+1+6) comes up to the magical 9.9.9. Our spiritual lesson is forgiveness and development of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of human connections.  9.9.9 reveals our spiritual teachers, our inner sage, and our always known healing abilities.  We arrive at the gateway, the magic square, the ninefold patterns in nature tied to the process of birth, the end of a cycle, immutable truth and the mythic labyrinth.  We begin a new journey!

SATURN Square NEPTUNE:  9-10-16

Astrological Degrees include Saturn 10 Sagittarius, Neptune 10 Pisces R

Saturn square Neptune (first square was on 6-17-16 and squares again on 9-10-16) is asking us to challenge our reality and our belief systems.  Saturn’s love is to establish boundaries and build a structure while Neptune’s preference is to let it all go, become invisible and undefinable.


Astrological Degrees include Sun at 0 Libra

The Fall Equinox is when the SUN enters Libra.  It is the “passing within” gateway and carries the Element of AIR, the Action of Taste, Touch, Smell and the Energy of REORIENTATION.

Enjoy of these delightful, challenging, life-changing energy bursts!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Love, Nikki





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