Magical Neptune Journey


Today we stand at the brink of a deeply mystical journey of inner exploration with the outer planet NEPTUNE on the Moon’s South Nodal Axis at 9 Pisces.  Neptune is at a complete standstill right now preparing to move into direct motion later today, leaving us without excuses.  It is time to go within, gather our symbols of inspiration, step into our deepest imaginings, and reawaken our spiritual quest!

Neptune brings us an understanding about our mystical knowing, our visionary sight, and our need to dissolve limiting boundaries that we have built around ourselves.  Neptune corresponds to our “cosmic antennae,” understanding of our inner spiritual realm, and a high level of receptivity in our beings.  We discover a higher power, strong visionary abilities, intuition, and a treasure chest of emotional images and imagination.

Neptune connects with the Moon’s South Node to gift us with deep insights between the past and the future, our inner feelings and our outer actions, and our transcendent quest to “search for God.” The nodal axis is our destiny at work, our future potential using what we have brought from our past, the “why” of our individual lives.  We can realize our destiny as well as review where we’ve been.  For the next few weeks we can indulge in “karmic meetings” helping us to learn more about ourselves.

Neptune calls us to make contact with our greater whole of perception.

In astrological symbolism the Sabian Symbol for the degree that Neptune meets the Moon’s South Node and stations to direct motion carries the message:

“An aviator in the clouds.”

Keyword: Observation

This symbol brings us the idea of a global perspective, a chance for creative and abstract thinking, a “scope of vision,” and being able to open to a new perspective.

Neptune is also the quintessential MAYA (illusion) – defined as extraordinary power and wisdom as well as a “magic show,” an illusion – things that are not what they seem.  Neptune brings us the true character of spiritual reality!

Here is a short MAYA check –up for you:

  1. How can I cope with confusion today?
  2. How may I make space in my life today so that I may clear out the debris of the past and experience inner quiet?
  3. How may I be more creative, actively using my imagination and inspiration?
  4. How may my dreams and fantasies help me to experience more fulfillment?
  5. How may I become more open to my feelings and express compassion?


Love,  Nikki

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1 Response to Magical Neptune Journey

  1. kathygcmt says:

    A good reminder to stayed centered spiritually, the power of visualization, staying in that place of now to access the quiet places within. AND that right now we are being supported to be able to do this. Thank you Nikki. ❤ ❤ ❤


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