2017 First Full Moon – A Story of Courage


Welcome to NEW YEAR 2017!  We are starting with a powerful FULL MOON – January 12, 2017 at Moon- 22 Cancer and Sun – 22 Capricorn (5:34 AM CST).

This lunar experience is going to be very full of emotions, tugs at our hearts,  gives us a chance to tap into our personal wildness, and carries future ramifications we can feel but not, as of yet, see!  Also, with the sign Cancer involved – get in contact with your mother!

This Full Moon comes with a story about courage.  The story unfolds through the Sabian Symbols (a set of 360 symbolically descriptive images) that align with an intense sacred geometry in the Full Moon chart called a “Grand Cross.”  This pattern includes five planetary bodies forming a completed geometric square in the chart.  Four of the planets fall at the 23rd  degree of the sign that they reside in and one of the planets falls at the 21st degree.  Each degree in the zodiac carries a message through the Sabian Symbols that help us to understand the Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon story.

Moon – 22 Cancer 27 (rounds up to 23 Cancer) Sabian Symbol “Meeting of a literary society.”

Sun – 22 Capricorn 27 (rounds up to 23 Capricorn) Sabian Symbol “Two awards for bravery in war.”

Jupiter – 22 Libra 11 (rounds up to 23 Libra) Sabian Symbol “Chanticleer”

Uranus – 20 Aries 38 (rounds up to 21 Aries) Sabian Symbol “A pugilist entering the ring.”

Eris – 22 Aries 32 (rounds up to 23 Aries) Sabian Symbol “A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load.”

The cosmic geometry of the square brings us the setting for our story.  We are at a crossroads – nothing is going to be the same again.  We stand and look at new vistas moving in different directions and we have to choose a new adventure, a new way to make it all work.  A new challenge awaits us in 2017.

The Moon is how we feel!  The Moon in Cancer is how we love, nurture, protect, and help our tribe.  The symbol of a literary society beacons us to communicate, to talk about it, to find new ways to understand and raise our consciousness.  We meet to critically look at our current year, our current world, and how we fit.  We need to be objective, discuss our personal experiences, examine our personal attitudes, and know that it is the year of important personal growth.

Sun is where we learn.  The Sun is our light, how we shine, and how we continue to grow into who we know we can be.  The symbol of bravery speaks to us of good conduct, resourcefulness, and the ability to get tangible results from our courageous actions as we move forward.  This is the time to express our integrity and activate our willingness to defend our principles.  The emphasis this year is on heroism!

There is “fervor” in the air.  Jupiter is where we expand and open to our faith, our philosophy of inner knowing and truth, and where we stand our ground.  The Chanticleer, the rooster, demands us to look at our self-image and to recognize our own power.  He symbolizes excitement, enthusiasm, ambition, and calls us to our role we will play in the world this year.  We also must guard against exaggerating ourselves.  We are all we can be with humility!

Uranus is our wildness.  Uranus holds us up to one standard – our own – and surrounds us with creativity, individuality, future insight, and wisdom.  The symbol for the pugilist entering the ring ensures us with a quiet voice that we are invincible, can take risks that are needed this year, and can become actively involved in what we know as our next adventure, our purpose.

The mysterious minor planet Eris has been traveling with Uranus all year and she is a powerhouse of truth, determination, digging to the depths of what is right and wrong, and a goddess of courage.  Her symbol also tells a mysterious story as Eris is anything but “pastel” and yet she appears in her pastel colors indicating the need for subtlety, privacy, and hidden strength as she may appear light and gentle but carries a very heavy and important load.  Eris is the truth teller and the truth will come to light for all of us on our journey of courage and unfolding potential in the Year 2017.

Have a great adventure this year!

Love, Nikki

( “Sabian Symbols” come from Dr. Marc Edmond Jones, astrologer and writer of The Sabian Symbols in Astrology )









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