Planning and Planting an Asteroid Garden for International Astrology Day

International Astrology Day

International Astrology Day (March 20, 2017) is an annual observance/holiday celebrated by astrologers and astrology enthusiasts like us! It is the beginning of the astrological year as it falls on the first full day of the astrological sign of Aries which marks the beginning of the tropical Zodiac and the SPRING EQUINOX.

I wanted to share something a little different for this year’s Astrology Day.  I’ve been working on a project:  “Planning and Planting an Asteroid Garden” and decided to start it today.  I am using the theme: Astrologer’s Asteroids for my first planting in my garden and am having great fun.  Would you like to join me?

The following asteroids align, inform, serve as a helping tool, and a divinatory directory in our charts tied to our service as astrologers:

Asteroid Number 30: URANIAMuse of Astronomy and Astrology

  • Able to tell the future by the arrangement of the stars
  • Associated with universal love and a desire for precision
  • Dressed in a cloak embroidered with stars
  • Those who are most concerned with philosophy and the heavens are dearest to her

Asteroid Number 313: CHALDAEA – Mysteries from Ancient Astrologers

  • Ancient Babylonian astrology wisdom
  • Holder of ancient astrological knowledge (past life experience)
  • Oldest astrological documents found on Sumerian tablets
  • “If the Lion is black: the land will not be happy.” From Mesopotamiza: Enuma Anu Enlil

Asteroid Number 658: ASTERIA – Goddess of Stars, Night, Time, and Oracles

  • Nocturnal oracles, falling stars, magical prophecy
  • Starry One – brings intuitive experience of astrology
  • Interpretation of dreams and necromancy
  • Reading of the stars

Asteroid Number 1154: ASTRONOMIA – Universal science of Celestial Objects and Motion

  • Sacred Earth knowledge and connection to cosmic energy
  • Utilize the power of creative visualization (kriyashakti)
  • Brings clear, sharp focus of mental activity
  • Scientific research

Asteroid Number 1252: CELESTIA – The Heavenly One and Holder of Cosmic Patterns

  • Brings Heaven (pure place) to Earth through sacred geometrical patterns
  • Spiritual growth through cosmic wisdom and transformation
  • Living with equality and nobility
  • Elisian Fields of Greece – spiritual plane for growth

Asteroid Number 2415: GANESA – The Vedic (Jyotish) God of Astrology

  • Remover of Obstacles, God of Happiness, God of Children
  • Guidance and inspiration when working on science of light (astrology)
  • High intelligence, unswerving devotion
  • Represents the benefic planet of Jupiter

Asteroid Number 5863: TARA – The Star Goddess of Highest Wisdom

  • Hindu goddess of unquenchable fire, calling new life into being
  • Ushers in the Seasons
  • Manifestation of the Queen of Time
  • Peaceful, compassionate Mother

Asteroid Number 8958: STARGAZER – The Joy and Wonder of Gazing at the Sky

  • Carries the importance of desire to know about the cosmos
  • Spending time with Earth Astrology looking up at the stars
  • Enthusiastic sharing of wisdom
  • Importance of the beginner: studying all aspects of cosmic science

Asteroid Number 17503: CELESTECHILD – Relating to the Heavenly Messages

  • A natural intuition tied to understanding Earth and Heavens
  • Bringing a new perspective to ancient star wisdom
  • Inner knowing in use of synchronicity
  • Follow your own alignment felt from lifetimes of experience

Asteroid Number 24626: ASTROWIZARD – Loving Astrology with a Purple Passion

  • This one is a fairly newly named asteroid and brings enthusiasm to astrology
  • Utilizing modern techniques and respecting ancient sources
  • Opening doors to magic
  • Intelligenesis – reconstructing hidden secrets and agendas

Asteroid Number 32770: STARCHIK – Born to be a Star

  • Another newbie of the Asteroid Belt block
  • Stand up and be vocal, counted, and an active part of your astrology tribe
  • Let the knowledge flow through modern thought
  • Have fun


Here are two resources for finding the placement of your Astrological Asteroids so you can plant them in the garden of your chart and align your being with the “Science of Light.”

Astrodienst has the option to put asteroids into the natal chart:

Another site where you can type in the asteroid name or number for any date:

Have a wonderful International Astrology Day!

Love, Nikki


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