HeartSongs – The Astrology of Relationship

Chiron & Chariklo

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any  reaction, both are transformed.” -C.G. Jung

As we lovingly move toward our yearly celebration of love – Valentine’s Day – I want to share an astrological view of love tied to asteroids in our natal chart maps.

Loving Moon
We live every day influenced by our MOON so we always look at her energies first. Goddess moon brings us the essence of a personal understanding of how we love. She describes and affects:
• Your instinctive responses
• Your deepest longings and needs
• Your secret wishes and desires
• Your innermost loves and hates
• Your emotional highs and lows
• Your jealousies and joys
• How other people perceive you
• How you react to people in the first meeting
• How you interact emotionally with the people you love
• The relationship with your mother and other important females in your life
• The emotional ups and downs you experience in intimate relationships
• Your nurturing instincts
• Your early conditioning tied to love
• How your spiritual love grows through your life

Loving Signs
Keywords tied to MOON’s loving influence by sign: Aries-adventure, Taurus-stability, Gemini-versatility, Cancer-empathy, Leo-power, Virgo-service, Libra-harmony, Scorpio-passion, Sagittarius-optimism, Capricorn-practicality, Aquarius-idealism, Pisces-compassion

“Success in relationship is much more than finding the right person; it is a matter of being the right person.” -B.R. Brickner

Loving Planets
The planets in our charts also have a loving energy and express themselves through: Sun-individuated love, Moon-feeling of love, Mercury-communication of love, Venus-appreciation of love, Mars-desire for love, Jupiter-expansion/experience of love, Saturn-stabilizing/restricting love, Chiron-healing love, Uranus-change/integration of love, Neptune-illusion/understanding of love, Pluto-transformation/depth of love

Loving Asteroids

EROS (passion)
Greek God of love and sexual desire is responsible for the embraces of Uranus (heaven and sky) and Gaia (mother earth). Eros full of heat and vitality is pictured as a young boy with arrows (cupid) and brings us the “pleasure principle” along with passion and attachment which maintains the passion. Eros brings a principle of regeneration into the relating energy. Be careful of over-indulgence.

SAPPHO (sex)
Sappho is a poet in mythology with an interest in sex and a belief in the importance of its expression along with music/storytelling/art. Sappho is involved in the fine arts and linked to the chakras (kundalini energy). Sappho is also tied to passion in “work.” Partners work together on ideals and experience versatility in how they relate.

JUNO (marriage)
Juno is connected to traditional marriage, commitment in a relationship, and signifies the person who does NOT hold the power. There is a strong focus on the partner with a need to protect each others’ vulnerabilities. Equality is an on-going challenge and there is a desire for a guideline or structure to the loving. Partners seek to feel safe.

PSYCHE (physical expression)
The desire energy is strong and a more spiritual energy flows through Psyche. Once connected in a relationship there is on-going insights and growth. Personal feelings are strongly felt and expressed physically. Commitment is very important in Psyche’s loving energies.

AMOR (intimacy)
Love, pure and simple! Amor is connected with innocence and love energy is connected not so much sexual but as a feeling of “always knowing the person.” Amor connects to family members, friends, and loyalty. A key Amor relating energy is imagination and subtle innuendos. Partners need to clarify and honor boundaries so that the excitement and mysteries abound. Amor brings soft and gentle intimacy.

PALLAS (Caring)
Pallas brings extreme caring, transformative and regenerative love to the mix. Pallas loving can move through numerous cycles. Honor and respect are paramount. Both partners meet and contribute to the relationship without controlling the other.

Loving Resources
If you want to find these asteroids in your own chart here are a couple of websites that will share your asteroid placements lovingly:

Astrodienist:  www.astro.com

Asteroid Ephemeris – http://www.true-node.com/eph1/
Have fun!

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