An Oracle of Current Cosmic Time Energy Bursts!

San Marco Clock

We have been, and will continue to move through a lot of cosmic energy bursting in all different directions.  I’d like to share some insight into current and upcoming opportunities to align with the busy cosmic timing.

MARS Out of Bounds: 8-8-16 through 10-29-16

Astrological Degrees include Mars at 2 Sagittarius to 22 Capricorn

The planet Mars, our energy moving forward and our will-power to accomplish our goals, is currently Out of Bounds (tied to his Declination/Latitude) urging us to stretch our limits, open the door to extremes, plant new creative passion, and stand up with our powerful energy to do our individual best. We are at the height of total focus, dedication, and fearlessness!

MOON Wobble Period: 8-21-16 through 9-18-16

Astrological Degrees include Sun at 12 Virgo conjunct Moon’s North Node

The Moon Wobble is a period that occurs four times a year connected to the Sun aspects with the Moon’s Nodes.  The peak point of this wobble period is on 9-4-16 when Sun conjuncts North Node at 12 Virgo.  The wobble activates:

  • time and space feels unstable
  • dramatic releases of energy
  • extreme emotional feelings and reactions
  • heightened sensitivity to experiences
  • opening windows between worlds
  • a sense of alignment to a broader purpose
  • vivid and long lasting experiences and impressions

MERCURY turns Retrograde:  8-30-16 through 9-22-16

Astrological Degrees include Mercury’s motion from 14 Virgo to 29 Virgo

Mercury retrograde occurs when it appears to be moving backwards (from our Earth perspective) and thus communication, scheduling, transportation, and judgement becomes cloudy or error prone.  We can benefit from turning to introspection, inner work, a time of centering, and deep spiritual understanding to find our inner peace.  It will be time for a breather – slow down, get a new perspective, and look at any challenges from a different view.  We can see as if we are on the outside giving us an ability to be more objective.  We are able to come up with all sorts of new possibilities!

SOLAR AND LUNAR ECLIPSES:  Solar on 9-1-16 and Lunar on 9-16-16

Astrological Degrees include Solar Eclipse 9 Virgo, Lunar Eclipse 24 Pisces/Virgo

During the Solar Eclipse at the NEW MOON and the Lunar Eclipse at the FULL MOON, the Earth shield opens temporarily and intense transformative energies are received.  The Earth’s window is open to “cosmic dusting.” At the SOLAR Eclipse we meet our universal destiny, open to our special gifts to share, and tie into our responsibility to the whole.  At the LUNAR Eclipse we learn enlightening lessons, develop new personal growth, and tie into our personal responsibilities.

Solar Eclipse on 9-1 awakens us to new directions, seeds ideas, and teaches us how to heal (Virgo).

Lunar Eclipse on 9-16 brings us fulfillment through others, a vision, and alerts us to the believer (Pisces) and the craftsperson (Virgo) within.

Eclipses shake us out of complacency and dramatically get our attention to areas in our life that need to change.  They work rapidly and take us to a higher plane of understanding!

JUPITER moves into Libra:  9-9-16

Astrological Degrees include Jupiter at 0 Libra

The only outer planet sign change in 2016 is Jupiter moving from Virgo to Libra.  Jupiter in Virgo brings great “craftsmanship” and sacred “service” energies and as it moves into Libra all the Virgo hard work opens into sharing in relationships.  We move into a high spiritual level of “connection.”  Time to HELP EACH OTHER!

The MAGIC of Number Nine: 9-9-16

Astrological Degrees include all of Sagittarius, ruler of the Number Nine

Year 2016 vibrates through the Number NINE (2+0+1+6 = 9).  Nine is the ENNEAD, the horizon, the finishing post, the highest achievement, the ultimate expression, and lies at the shore before the boundless ocean.  Nine represents the humanist, the weave of the world, the initiates passage, and universal awareness.  On 9-9-16 the full date number (9+9+2+0+1+6) comes up to the magical 9.9.9. Our spiritual lesson is forgiveness and development of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of human connections.  9.9.9 reveals our spiritual teachers, our inner sage, and our always known healing abilities.  We arrive at the gateway, the magic square, the ninefold patterns in nature tied to the process of birth, the end of a cycle, immutable truth and the mythic labyrinth.  We begin a new journey!

SATURN Square NEPTUNE:  9-10-16

Astrological Degrees include Saturn 10 Sagittarius, Neptune 10 Pisces R

Saturn square Neptune (first square was on 6-17-16 and squares again on 9-10-16) is asking us to challenge our reality and our belief systems.  Saturn’s love is to establish boundaries and build a structure while Neptune’s preference is to let it all go, become invisible and undefinable.


Astrological Degrees include Sun at 0 Libra

The Fall Equinox is when the SUN enters Libra.  It is the “passing within” gateway and carries the Element of AIR, the Action of Taste, Touch, Smell and the Energy of REORIENTATION.

Enjoy of these delightful, challenging, life-changing energy bursts!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Love, Nikki





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LION’S GATE – August 8, 2016

Lion's Gate with Pyramid

The annual opening of the 8.8 star gate known as the “Lion’s Gate” is a powerful astronomical, astrological, sacred geometrical, potent portal!

We can connect at this time to the Great Central Sun, the fixed star Sirius, our solar connection, the SUN, and our Mother Earth (connecting with the pyramid complex at Giza and the Earth Grid of the Sphinx) as they line up on August 8, 2016.

In Ancient Egypt, the helical rising of Sirius also marked the time when the Nile rose and flooded the plains of Egypt. The rising waters symbolized the return of abundance and blessings to the land. Sirius has long been a guiding light and connected to the mythology of the teachers that come to assist humanity from the different times. The Sirian Master Teachers (Wisdom Keepers) help us at this time to align our frequencies with the rising planetary and humanitarian energies.

This portal opened on July 25, 2016 at the helical rising of Sirius and continues through August 12, 2016 with the exact alignment on Monday, August 8, 2016.

In numerology the EIGHT (August 8 = 8.8)  symbolizes power, courage, abundance, expression of soul qualities, ascending transformation, endings and new beginnings, change, periodic renewal, stability, infinity, weaves the web of matter, resonance, cosmic breath, inner life energy, self-renewal, manifestation, share prosperity with others, and the law of Karma. The 8.8 magic numbers represent infinity and “as above, so below.”

“Our outer experiences only resonate to our inner rattle.” Michael Schneider

The Spirit Keeper of the portal is the spirit animal that guards the integrity of our planet – the LION – representing spiritual power. As the royal lion stands guard at the portal new codes and new information flow into our system. The Lion’s Gate allows intense light waves from the Great Central Sun to stream through our SUN and anchor new solar codes for higher aspects of Love on Mother Earth.

A new balance between our heart’s intelligence and our thinking mind creates a connection that can bring us to a new reality aligned with our SOUL. Peace prevails during this portal period and it is a time to focus on our Third Eye chakra and allow the energy frequencies to connect deeply with the Earth through our lower chakras. We can create a new foundation for our lives!

Celestial bodies in our solar system show harmonic resonance with the Sirius system. Astro-cosmically we are experiencing during the Lion’s Gate portal five planets that we can view in the night sky:  Mercury, Venus, Jupiter stand together this month and Mars and Saturn meet with the fixed star Antares – all visible to our shaman eyes in our sky!

The shamanic  INCOMING ENERGIES infuse the

  • Song Lines
  • Crystalline Grids
  • Energy Lines
  • Waters of Mother Earth

And our personal astrological charts – look to the 8.8 alignment at the zodiacal position of 15 LEO in your personal chart. Every sacred natal position, every progressing (moving forward in your life) position, every planetary, asteroid goddess, centaur and transneptunian object in your chart is vibrating to your individual song.

Find your voice and sing your song to all the universes!

Love, Nikki


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A Tzolkin MAYAN NEW YEAR “Idea Journey”

Tzolkin Calendar

“We have 20 fingers and toes that have invisible threads.  The threads in our fingers connect us to the stars.  The threads in our toes connect us to the Earth.”    (Aluna Joy Yaxk’in)

Today, July 24, is the last day of the Tzolkin Mayan Sacred Calendar year.   Tomorrow is the “Day Out of Time” in the Mayan Calendar – July 25 – a time of deep rest and meditation.

Tzolkin Mayan New Year starts on July 26, 2016 – Year “Blue Spectral Storm.”

The Sacred Calendar is made up of 260 days with unique energies and vibrations.  Each energy is composed of one of 13 Tones and one of 20 Daysigns.  Our New Year Tone #11 has SPECTRAL energy and the Daysign #19 carries the BLUE STORM Solar Seal.

The Tzolkin turns through the year with each daysign and tone changing over a period of 52 years.  The Tzolkin divides the days into 13 months with each month containing 28 days and the “day out of time” at the end of the year.  Mayan Astrology is linked with the Tzolkin Sacred Calendar.  The date of birth establishes a daysign (one out of 20) and a tone (one out of 13) that is called a Galactic Signature.

There are four colors/directions in the calendar that repeat (Red-East, White-North, Blue-West, Yellow-South) and each daysign has a specific color/direction i.e. “Blue Storm.”

There are 13 Lunar Months in the Tzolkin with an animal symbol linked to each month – these symbols are potent.  Look to see which month you were born, but be careful, because as you open the “window” to view the Tzolkin you start seeing – in my case – TURTLES – everywhere!!

13 Tones – 13 Months – 13 Animal Symbols

  1. Magnetic BAT Moon – July 26 to August 22
  2. Lunar SCORPION Moon – August 23 to September 19
  3. Electric DEER Moon – September 20 to October 17
  4. Self-Existing OWL Moon – October 18 to November 14
  5. Overtone PEACOCK Moon – November 15 to December 12
  6. Rhythmic LIZARD Moon – December 13 to January 9
  7. Resonant MONKEY Moon – January 10 to February 6
  8. Galactic HAWK Moon – February 7 to March 6
  9. Solar JAGUAR Moon – March 7 to April 3
  10. Planetary DOG Moon – April 4 to May 1
  11. Spectral SERPENT Moon – May 2 to May 29
  12. Crystal RABBIT Moon – May 30 to June 26
  13. Cosmic TURTLE Moon – June 27 to July 24, 2016

Day Out of Time on July 25 is not associated with a particular Moon.

Our Tzolkin Mayan Calendar “Idea Journey”

One of the wonderful uses of the solar seal daysign energies is their help in attunement to your cosmic creativity.  The list below shows the “idea energy” in each day.  These days repeat and each new cycle brings a new beginning – the birth of a new idea!

On Thursday, July 28, 2016, we will be living the daysign “Red Dragon.”  Start your journey on the beginning of this 20 day cycle and end the journey on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 with daysign “Yellow Sun.”

20 Daysigns – Solar Seals

  1. Red Dragon – Birth of the idea
  2. White Wind – Inspiration communicates idea
  3. Blue Night – Idea becomes a dream to dream into reality
  4. Yellow Seed – Plant idea seed as a thought
  5. Red Serpent – Give life force to idea so it can survive
  6. White World-Bridger – Build a bridge that connects idea from subconscious to spirit
  7. Blue Hand – Transform the idea into knowing
  8. Yellow Star – Beautify the idea by shedding light on it
  9. Red Moon – Reflect the idea to see its form
  10. White Dog – Purify the idea by loving it
  11. Blue Monkey – turn the idea into magic by playing with it
  12. Yellow Human – Develop idea by using free will to influence it
  13. Red Skywalker – Explore the idea and its universe
  14. White Wizard – Use the idea to enchant
  15. Blue Eagle – Vision the idea to bring it into form
  16. Yellow Warrior – Use intelligence to question idea
  17. Red Earth – Use navigation to steer the idea in its direction
  18. White Mirror – Reflect on the idea’s endlessness and creativity
  19. Blue Storm – Use the idea to catalyze a new one
  20. Yellow Sun – Realize the idea and become enlightened

Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.”  (Richard Feynman)

Enjoy your Tzolkin Mayan New Year and your “Idea Journey!”

Love, Nikki


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Black Moon Lilith Rises

Black Moon Lilith for WP

Friends, the magical Black Moon Lilith (Moon’s Apogee) is traveling through SCORPIO, loving every minute of the dark mysteries that Scorpio shares!  I want to share some BM Lilith info and urge you to look at where Scorpio resides in your chart – BM Lilith is rising in that area of your life!


The concept of Lilith brings to us a new perspective.  She speaks through her mythical language and gives us meaningful archetypes encouraging us to go deep in our self-understanding.   Lilith is the feminine power of creative life force. She slips through the liminal spaces in our beings – moving through thresholds between absolute truth and our darkest hidden places.  Lilith’s imagery, her energy, her transformational potential can awaken shadows in our souls.  She brings the divine feminine into the mainstream of our consciousness.  Lilith challenges us to connect with our instinctive passion for life, a passion that can be destructive if denied.


In the beginning Lilith was part of the Great Mother Goddess, later taken over by the triumph of patriarchal archetypes. In Lilith’s early Sumerian mythological appearance, she was the handmaid to the Goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven.  She lived in the sacred Huluppu Tree accompanied by the snake and the wild Anzu-bird.  These animals are part of her untamed nature. She was intended, in Hebrew mythology, to be Adam’s first wife, but was so dominant that she moved away from Adam’s authority and left the Garden of Eden.  In ancient Babylon, she was Lilitu, the dark Goddess of the Night.  In her tantric image, she transforms energy to higher octaves.  In biblical references, it is implied that Lilith is tied to the screech owl and the owl is often depicted with her in literature and art.  Lilith is one of the oldest female figures in literature and connects Heaven and Earth in the Tree of Life.  Terracotta reliefs from 1800 B.C. depict her as the Queen of the Night and artists in various mediums have depicted Lilith over the centuries.

Lilith represents a shift in the awareness of the strength of the feminine and pulls both women and men into a deep soul knowledge, stretching our consciousness into new awareness.

Apogee Black Moon Lilith

The geocentric period Black Moon Lilith is about nine years.  Her glyph is a black moon sitting over a cross.  She is widely used in Europe and her mean and true positions can vary greatly – with most astrologers using her mean position. I prefer her TRUE position which is more erratic, but is where she really is.  Her archetype is tied to instinctive and emotional intelligence.  We can gain contact with our inner truths, soul longings and passions.  Since Apogee Lilith is more distant from the Earth – the sun gains prominence, the light gets brighter inside, and illusions become unveiled.  Black Moon Lilith helps us to get more in touch with Earth wisdom, art, creativity, detachment from social norms, emotional sensitivity, our uncompromising will and unconventional relationships.  The Black Moon gestates the physical body into womb of the mother and her archetype represents the deep desire that brings the soul to embody in the material plane.  She is aetheric in essence –  aether is the fifth element after earth, air, fire, and water.  She can open pitfalls – deep challenges in our growth if we stray from our soul’s true path.

Black Moon Lilith describes our relationship to the absolute, to sacrifice, and shows how we let go.  She shows where we question ourselves, where we can let the Whole flow into our lives by being open and trusting.  She can also create a “necessary void.”

Black Moon Lilith KEYWORDS:  sacrifice, surrender, mysticism, karmic imprints, our calling, dreams, soul calling, truth, transformational energy, equality, emotional intelligence, earthly instinct, dark emotions, stuff of life, traditions, memories, responsibilities, kundalini, intuition, psychic ability, imagination, poetry, charisma, shamanism, fermenting, on the point of change, fusion of sexual and spiritual, awakening

In relationship contacts, Black Moon Lilith brings a sense of soul connection, with an inclination toward intensity, uncovering of deep seated desires, and the danger of pain and obsessiveness.  Black Moon  Lilith represents the conscious decision to be alone, the exercise of freewill, and the healing process in relationships.

Rise with her into your own inner mysteries!

Love, Nikki



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Full Moon, Solstice Magic

Full Moon - Solstice

Our lights, Sun and Moon, arrive at their second Full Moon of the year in Sagittarius-Gemini on the morning of June 20, 2016 at Moon-29 Sagittarius and Sun-29 Gemini.

The FULL MOON starts a magical day:

  • Full Moon at the anaretic degree (29th) of Sagittarius-Gemini calling us to our highest potential.
  • Planet Jupiter meets the Moon’s North Node (true) at 15 Virgo awakening us to our deepest purpose.
  • Sun moves silently, gently, lovingly into Cancer the Solstice Point – bringing a new exciting phase of Year 2016 into focus.
  • Our cosmic pattern still express the Mutable Grand Cross we experienced at the New Moon on June 4, 2016.

FULL MOON – “The heart has its reasons which reason does not understand.”      Blaise Pascal

The Sagittarius Full Moon is sometimes called the “Priest’s Moon.”  The Divine touches us at this Full Moon and we are blessed to be part of the inspired wisdom surrounding us during this magical energy.  We question our beliefs and we are urged to go into our meditation for answers.  We struggle between the boundaries of intellect and faith and we arrive at a humbling understanding of our truth!


Jupiter asks us to expand ourselves here, open doors for new plans, tune into our future possibilities, and find more comprehensive understanding.  An adventure is around each corner, and the gift of a larger frame of reference helps us to get in touch with our soul force.  The Moon’s Nodes take us on our personal journey from where we’ve been to where we are going this life time.  With Jupiter as our guide, we turn to our hearts and find the view of our destiny is within our reach!


We reach a culmination at this Solstice, a fullness of our being, a turning point!  The longest day arrives and light is at the peak of its power.  Nature reminds us that nothing is certain but change.  We are all weavers and now conscious of the cosmic web.  We are connected to everything and, through our connections, can feel Mother’s unconditional love.

Mutable Grand Cross

The dancing Mutable Grand Cross is a crossroads.  We arrived at the center point at the June 4th NEW MOON and have been experiencing a new threshold of questioning, learning, understanding, and taking inspired action through the month of June.  On this Full Moon Solstice Day we stand at our doorways once more looking forward and looking back with new awareness!

“You must do something every day to satisfy the Cosmic Plan for which you were sent here.” Paramahansa Yogananda

Have a magical day!!

Love, Nikki




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Get Into Your Shaman’s Seat for June NEW MOON Journey

New Moon Grand Cross


Get your STAR seat belt securely fastened as we move into the June 4-5 NEW MOON with the Sun and Moon at 14 Gemini accompanied by Venus also at 14 Gemini standing at one corner of a four-way GRAND CROSS on June 4-5, 2016.

We are on a powerful CHANGE JOURNEY, traveling  through new thresholds, unusual realms of understanding, and are called to important transforming moves.  The planetary players stand in a magic Sacred Geometry round with an exact cross joining:

  • Sun, Moon, Venus at 14 Gemini
  • Jupiter at 14 Virgo aligned with the Moon’s North Node close by at 17 Virgo
  • Saturn, in retrograde motion, at 13 Sagittarius working intimately with his cosmic friend, a galactic point out in deep space, the “Great Attractor” at 14 Sagittarius
  • Neptune at 12 Pisces coordinated with the Moon’s South Node at 17 Pisces

This outstandingly exotic cosmic formation is called a Mutable Grand Cross and urges every one of us to stand at our personal crossroads, listen to our deepest longings, and muster the courage to make the best choices.

Let’s look at the unfolding Grand Cross from a magical perspective I call the “Shaman’s Seat.”  Our journey is one of opening the door to our astrological energy through a healing perspective shift.  Tighten that Star seat belt and open your Shaman’s eyes to view what is coming.  It is all up to you!

Sun, Moon, Venus:  Sun, the heart and soul of who we are, meets the Moon, our emotional being, and Venus, our desire nature in Gemini.  We are being pulled through new doorways of intense communication, learning, sharing ideas, opening to new ways to think, and having to make important choices around how we share ourselves.  This NEW MOON is a critical time to set intentions, know what you want, and focus your spirit upon your next steps!

Jupiter and North Node: Jupiter is our soul, our connection to our Guru, our teachers, our angels, and models for us how and where we can expand our spirits. Jupiter in Virgo explores our disciple nature, our search for perfection, our devoted selves.   Jupiter travels with the North Node to show us a new forward path, a future destiny, unseen until today.  Jupiter and the North Node tune us into our future potentialities!

Saturn and Great Attractor:  Saturn is our bridging energy between the personal contracts we carry out this lifetime and the work we are here doing.  Saturn is aided by the Great Attractor pulling us to our right work, our life’s calling, our messages we must share!  As they travel through Sagittarius, Saturn and the Great Attractor demand we “define ourselves here and get the word out!”

Neptune and South Node: Neptune, our great spirit teacher, is walking on his watery Pisces path, opening our spirits, teasing us with confusion, and challenging us to go deep inside to our faith and devotion.  Neptune and South Node help us make contact with a greater whole of perception here!

OUR NEW WORK HAS BEGUN!  The June NEW MOON and unfolding Grand Cross presents us with the challenge, the struggle, the courage, and the hope for a new beginning.

“O Divine Sculptor, chisel Thou my life according to Thy Design!”  Paramahansa Yogananda

Have a great evening, a good night’s sleep, a wonderful New Moon beginning, and a busy, productive, exciting month!  We are in this together!

Love, Nikki

(Image: Barry Mandot Messer)

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Mercury – A Rare Transit to the Sun and A New Message from the Gods for Each of Us!

Mercury Metropolitan Museum of Art

(Artwork from Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Sun and Mercury Retrograde make a rare (only 13 times per “century”) transit meeting as Mercury travels across the Sun on May 9, 2016.  This is the midpoint day in the current  cycle of Mercury Retrograde.

The point where this magical meeting occurs is 19 Taurus and the transit will start in the morning (8:10 AM PDT, 9:10 AM MDT, 10:10 AM CDT, and 11:10 AM EDT) and last for about 7 ½ hours.  In astrological terms this is called a New Mercury in which the retrograde Mercury as it meets the Sun in its inferior conjunction starts its new cycle of 116 days.  It is a powerful NEW BEGINNING!

Mercury Retrograde helps us align with our inner creative intelligence, our personal Divine wisdom, and all of our MIND magic.  As the Messenger of the Gods connects intimately with our SUN, gateways of deep understanding and spiritual wisdom are thrown open.  A cosmic song and dance begins and we can join the powerful energy through our PERSONAL connection to Mercury and the Sun’s placement in Taurus!

Find your Sun Sign below and look at the Solar House that magical Mercury falls for you!  This is a time of awakening!

TAURUS – Solar House 1 – If your Sun Sign is in Taurus: Life’s goal in this incarnation is your awakening message. Your cosmic song and dance celebrate your soul purpose!

GEMINI – Solar House 2 – If your Sun Sign is in Gemini: Mercury’s message is tied to your next incarnation and future awakening.  Your cosmic song and dance celebrate talents to be developed!

CANCER – Solar House 3 – If your Sun Sign is in Cancer:  You are steeped in literary experiences, research, new learning interests and mental impulses.  Your cosmic song and dance celebrate your growing Spiritual Intelligence!

LEO – Solar House 4 – If your Sun Sign is in Leo:  Mercury is opening doors to astral travel and deeper other world experiences.  Your cosmic song and dance celebrate  your inner sanctuary!

VIRGO – Solar House 5 – If your Sun Sign is in Virgo:  Mercury awakens understanding of creative causation and urges you to immediate creative expression.  Your cosmic song and dance celebrate love!

LIBRA – Solar House 6 – If your Sun Sign is in Libra:  Life is asking you to solve problems and learn about compromise and adjustment.  Your cosmic song and dance celebrate healing service!

SCORPIO – Solar House 7 – If your Sun Sign is in Scorpio: Mercury brings a deep inner message of self-reflection asking you what you are and what you are not.  Your cosmic song and dance celebrate union!

SAGITTARIUS – Solar House 8 – If your Sun Sign is in Sagittarius:  Mercury asks you where and how you can open doors to regeneration within yourself.  Your cosmic song and dance celebrate transformation!

CAPRICORN – Solar House 9 – If your Sun Sign is in Capricorn:  Mercury brings you understanding from the past, a link to inner guidance and higher mind.  Your cosmic song and dance celebrate the Guru!

AQUARIUS – Solar House 10 – If your Sun Sign is in Aquarius:  You are now fulfilling your spiritual mission and have a view of your destiny.  Your cosmic song and dance celebrate attainment!

PISCES – Solar House 11 – If your Sun Sign is in Pisces:  Mercury awakens you to contact with the spirit world and teaches you about membership in that realm.  Your cosmic song and dance celebrate long-range goals.

ARIES – Solar House 12 – If your Sun Sign is in Aries:  Mercury is showing you experiences from past lives, projects that began before, and current possibilities.  Your cosmic song and dance celebrate Karma!

Friends, don’t let this rare opportunity to contact the intimacy of Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, as he enlightens us from within!



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A Mercury Retrograde “Earth Gems” Survival Kit

Mercury Retrograde

We are moving into MAY with our MESSENGER OF THE GODS, planet Mercury in retrograde motion.  It will continue for three weeks, going direct (forward again) on May 22, 2016.  Mercury Retrograde occurs when it appears to be moving backwards from our Earth’s perspective and communication, scheduling, transportation and judgement becomes a little cloudy!

There is not a lot we can do with the actions of others that are around us at this time except to be more conscious and more centered, focused within ourselves.  On a personal level we can do a lot in order to avoid negative consequences of Mercury Retrograde.  Introspection, inner work, a time of centering and deep spiritual understanding are all energies we can tap to find our inner peace.

This Mercury Retrograde falls in the element EARTH and brings time for a breather, a slow down, new perspective, and an alignment with Mother Gaia.

I am sharing a great MERCURY RETROGRADE “EARTH GEMS” SURVIVAL KIT that gives magical “Earth Gems” you can utilize to help you in your magical remediation efforts as we sail through the next three weeks peacefully!!



Remediation:  release from stress and anxiety, allies with a positive attitude, brings mental clarity

Affirmation: “My mind and heart are awake, alert, clear and active, working in unison to make the optimal choices for my life.”



Remediation:  clear and harmonious communication, truth and harmony, ability to walk one’s “talk”

Affirmation:  “I speak and live my highest truth, and I call forth its manifestation in the world.”



Remediation:  brings heart and spiritual realm together with the mind, take decisive action with higher guidance, helps reveal Divine pattern

Affirmation:  “I align my thoughts and will to the Divine pattern of my spiritual purpose.”



Remediation:  counteracts spacey feelings and confusion, balance auric field and align chakras, make spiritual physical

Affirmation:  “Through my body, I ground the energies of the Light realms in this world.”

Blue Lace Agate


Remediation:  communication with confidence, helps to be heard by others, Stone of Diplomat

Affirmation:  “I communicate my ideas with clarity, conviction and irresistible elegance.”

We can go on a magical stone exploration, tapping into Mother Gaia’s allies, the Earth Gems, as they serve us to align with our best inner strengths.  Each stone has its special remediation qualities, and each stone has an affirmation we can use to affirm their helping energies through the next three weeks.

Have a great May, 2016 and enjoy your EARTH adventures!

Love, Nikki

(Affirmations from The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian)





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April 2016 – A Month of Retrograde Promises

planets Retrograde

We will experience five different planets in retrograde motion (appearing like they are moving backwards from our Earth perspective) in the month of April!

Our first instinct when we hear about retrograde planets is to curl up, take no risks, and stay home.  But, of course, we can’t do that in the middle of our busy worlds.  So here is another idea.  Reflect, rethink, and learn something new during each retrograde period.

Each planet holds a promise for us, a service to help us grow, and their special gifts rise to the surface during the retrograde “quiet times.”

Remember that the degrees covered during each retrograde period are passed over by the planet three times.  The planet moves forward as it passes the degrees the first time, turns retrograde to go back over the same degrees, and then directs to go over them for the third time.  We get a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective during this three-fold motion tied to the area covered in our charts and, therefore, in our lives!

Let’s take a look at each planet:

JUPITER turned retrograde on 1-7-16 and will turn direct on 5-9-16 covering the degree area of 13 Virgo to 23 Virgo. Jupiter’s secret whispers “Expand yourself here!”  Jupiter opens doors for new plans, tunes us into future possibilities, urges us to expand into new areas of experience, brings us comprehensive understanding, great adventures, increases energy and helps us establish a greater frame of reference on our physical, mental, and spiritual inner realms.

SATURN turned retrograde on 3-25-16 and will turn direct on 8-13-16 covering the degree area of 9 Sagittarius to 16 Sagittarius.  Saturn’s secret whispers “Define yourself here!”  Saturn delays and slows the rhythm of nature, concentrates our experiences, confronts us with a realistic approach, urges us to take care of things that have been neglected, to condense our energy field and to concentrate our attention on our physical, mental, and spiritual inner realms.

MARS turns retrograde on 4-17-16 and will turn direct on 6-29-16 covering the degree area of 23 Scorpio to 8 Sagittarius.  Mars’ secret whispers “I use my will power with vitality!” Mars is fearless, forceful,  has the nature to work with challenges and utilize inner strength, develops self-confidence, courage, and energy on our physical, mental, and spiritual inner realms.

PLUTO turns retrograde on 4-18-16 and will turn direct on 9-26-16 covering the degree area of 14 Capricorn to 17 Capricorn.  Pluto’s secret whispers “Initiate yourself into a greater life role through a rebirth of consciousness here!”  Pluto brings to the surface and transforms, often ending an old form of life or expression completely, initiates passionate change, grapples with deep and hidden emotions, and has the power of transformation on our physical, mental, and spiritual inner realms.

MERCURY turns retrograde on 4-28-16 and will turn direct on 5-22-16 covering the degree area of 14 Taurus to 23 Taurus.  Mercury’s secret whispers “I am the Messenger of the Gods!”  Mercury teaches us new ways to speak and think, how to tap energy when we use affirmations and positive thought forms, brings us into our shamanic journeys with confidence, and helps us cross the threshold of our physical, mental, and spiritual inner realms.

REMEMBER, during the “quiet times” we can go inside, listen to our inner wisdom and take action on the profound messages we receive.  Have a quiet APRIL!

Love, Nikki



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A Spring Equinox Message


As Sun says good bye to the six cosmic energies still floating in the Pisces sea and turns on the shine in Aries, we MUST celebrate, calibrate, and step boldly up to our new fate!

Our planet friends look lively:

Capricorn Pluto demands we build new foundations.

Pisces Neptune whispers “Use your intuition.”

Aries Uranus yells with gusto to do it our own way.

Pisces Chiron urges us to remember the past.

Sagittarius Saturn tells the world our truth.

Virgo Jupiter guides us with delicacy on our forward path.

Sagittarius Mars encourages us to dance into the new Spring light.

Pisces Venus serves our hearts with a nurturing love broth.

Pisces Mercury peeks around the Sun and reminds us of all the spirit waters still around us.

AND sweet Goddess Leo Moon admonishes with stark knowing “It is all from our hearts!”




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