Nikki Davenport, Astrological Consultant


All charts include chart booklet and 60-minute reading/sound file recorded on CD for mailing. (Personal meetings are available if you live in the St. Louis area.)

NATAL CHART: Your birth map with planets, asteroids, galactic points and progressions (where you are now) for the current year. Your birth chart is the foundation chart that covers life’s physical, mental, and spiritual potentials for your lifetime.

SOLAR RETURN CHART: Each year the Sun returns to where it was when you were born. This is your chart for fine tuning the upcoming year. Includes current directions and secondary progressions to your natal chart connected with your Solar Return to see the total view of your challenges and potential for the current year.

SYNASTRY/RELATIONSHIP CHART: Synastry is a comparison between two people to determine compatibility in relationships. This chart utilizes two natal charts and what each person brings to the relationship looking at the interchart aspects that define the chemistry between individuals. Also includes the composite chart which reveals the chart of the relationship using the midpoints between two individuals.

CHILD/NEWBORN CHART: As a parent, you can have a better understanding of your child, helping you to learn about your newborn’s needs, physical/mental personality and basic tendencies. This chart helps parents to see the potential fields of development for their child as they grow.  Includes synastry (relationship) connections between parents and their child.

FAMILY MANDALA CHART: The family group is important for our entire lives. This is a group chart looking at individual family members and showing how family members link together and interact through challenges and opportunities. Includes a family mandala and in-depth comparisons between family members.

VOCATIONAL PROFILE: This profile chart gives you an in-depth look at your career direction, challenges, talents, and skills. It will help you recognize your vocation, utilize your communication skills, tap into your inner motivation, and determine career goals.

SPECIALTY CHART-THE LIGHTS: A look through the window of your past, your karmic path to the future, and how you handle the “inbetween.” Incorporates moon phases (both natal and progressed), prenatal eclipses, the karmic degree chart, Parts of Fortune, Spirit, and Destiny, the moon’s nodes, and a discussion of the dark and black moons. This chart is the “Karmic Connection.”

Other “Specialty Charts” available. Contact Nikki for more information.

Contact for more information, appointments, mail orders, and pricing information: 

Nikki Davenport, Astrological Consultant                                                                                                                                                                                  


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