Four Asteroid Goddesses: A Feminine Mystique


Today I sent out an astrotweet “Sun lights up asteroid goddess Vesta pulling your purest potential & essence to the surface.  Where is your dedicated heart fire focused?”

Vesta sits next to Sol today at 20 Capricorn and they will stay together for the next few days.  Whatever the Sun lights up in our cosmic planetary map gives us a little push to pay attention!

The four major asteroid goddesses used by most astrologers are:

Ceres: placed at 0 Capricorn to 8 Capricorn now through 1-31-15. Vesta: placed at 20 Capricorn to 1 Aquarius now through 1-31-15.  Juno: placed at 14 Leo R to 9 Leo R (retrograde) now through 1-31-15.  Pallas: placed at 5 Sagittarius to 13 Sagittarius now through 1-31-15.

I’d like to introduce you to these exotic ladies bringing their feminine mystique into our lives through mythology, astrology, and our own intuitions!

CERES – Mother Earth  She is the mother of asteroids as she is the largest and was reclassified as a “dwarf planet” in August, 2006.  She was discovered on January 1, 1801 and has an orbital period around the Sun of 4.60 years.  Her Greek name is Demeter – she is an earth goddess in charge of the agricultural cycle.

Her planet affinity is the Moon; her sign affinity is Virgo and Cancer; her family connection is “Mother.”  Her mythology: Ceres is tied to the mysteries of Eleusis where Hades took her daughter, Persephone, into the underworld and in mourning, Ceres forbid the earth to bear fruit.  When a compromise was reached, Persephone came back to be with her mother nine months of the year and the “seasons” were explained.

Ceres Key Energies: hard work, harvest time, child-bearing, trauma of separation between mother and child, death-rebirth process, creation, support, physical nurturing, teachers, self-worth, death passage, food and nutrition issues, clothes, digestion, farms, instincts, children, eating disorders, co-dependency, single parenting, ancient knowledge of psychological death and rebirth, transformation process, capacity to unconditionally love, nurture self and others.

When Ceres is prominent in birth chart: healers, nurses, massage therapists, nutritional counselors.

When Ceres is transiting: opportunity to evaluate and change our ability to express love unconditionally, look at your skills of “givingness”, chance to achieve more balance in our lives, create and maintain a healthy working relationship with others.

VESTA – Spirit of Devotion  She is the second (after Ceres) most massive asteroid and was discovered on March 28, 1807 and has an orbital period around the Sun of 3.63 years. Her Greek name is Hestia – she is a temple goddess in charge of spiritual dedication.

Her planet affinity is Saturn; her sign affinity is Virgo and Scorpio; her family connection is “devoted sister.”  Her mythology: Vesta is part of the vestal virgins that kept the sacred fires burning.  She is tied to the center of the home and heart – the “hearth.”  Her inner fire controls the kundalini and creates the yogi spiritual principles and practices.

Vesta Key Energies: keeper of the sacred fire, purity, devotion, find our vocation and meaningful work, develop relationship with soul, dedication, sacrifice, self-contained, focus, purification, self-discipline, spiritual-devotional path, alter, archives, cultural heritage, servitude, traditions, warmth, illuminates the need to reintegrate spiritual and sexual energies, self-healing, follow a spiritual path, capacity to integrate and focus energy, experience wholeness of self, pure fire and vital spirit.

When Vesta is prominent if birth chart:  one who is hardworking but also has a strong devotional, mystical side, may spend time alone, committed to inner work.

When Vesta is transiting: urges to live out our true desires, motivates us to be best, opportunity to become focused, direct inner fire to special cause, guides our spiritual direction, evaluates our “home” – the home with ourselves.

JUNO – Helpmate  She was discovered September 1, 1804 and has an orbital period around the sun of 4.36 years.  Her Greek name is Hera – she is the partner goddess in charge of marriage.

Her planet affinity is Venus; her sign affinity is Libra; her family connection is “partner.” Her mythology: Juno had a 300 year wedding night with Zeus (Jupiter) on the Aegean Island of Samos.  There was lots of trouble between Jupiter and Juno.  She wears white – originally the goddess in her “full moon” aspect with a totem animal – the peacock.

Juno Key Energies: governs female reproductive cycle, sacred marriage, jealousy, sexuality, relationship, freedom, equality, dependency, new forms of relationships, soul-mates, intimacy, women’s rights, renewal regeneration, protocol, yoke, redefinition of meaningful relationships, lesbian and gay couples, transgender, plight of powerless or battered women, shed light on how committed relationships work.

When Juno is prominent in birth chart: marriage and commitment is very important, associated with alternative relationships, associated with conception of children.

When Juno is transiting:  opportunity to better understand the glitches that have prevented meaningful relationships, may have to look at issues centered in self, shake loose from victimization and get back power.

PALLAS – Protectress  She was discovered on March 28, 1802 and has an orbital period around the Sun of 4.61 years.  Her Greek name is Pallas Athene – she is the warrior goddess in charge of wisdom.

Her planet affinity is the Sun; her sign affinity is Libra and Aquarius; her family connection is “daughter.”  Her mythology: Favorite daughter of Zeus – child of her father’s brain.  She carries a shield with a female demon with a head of snakes associated with the force of feminine instinctual wisdom.  Her totem animal is an owl.

Pallas Key Energies: ruler of Athens, goddess of war wearing armor, rules visual arts and crafts, aggressive, competitive woman, creative intelligence, dilemma of professional women who sacrifice family for career, father-daughter wounds, social injustice, artistic ability, healing, courage, armor, bravery, cunning crusader, employment, handcrafts, independent mathematics, patterns, women’s rights, taking responsibility for creating our own reality, insights into disease due to breakdown of auto-immune system, learning disorders, capacity for creative wisdom, original perceptions.

When Pallas is prominent in birth chart: involvement in social causes, counseling, healing work in arts, competitive spirit, in business.

When Pallas is transiting: opportunity to develop a deeper inner knowing and understanding, able to unlock flow of ideas that may be just below the surface, ideas spring forth, seldom still.

It is time for us all to pay attention to the feminine mystique that these Asteroid Goddesses can add to our chart understanding.  Take time and use your intuition to learn more about your own feminine mystique!


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